Work issues

  • Help please! Some unflattering half truths, truths and untruths during a probationary period. One is belittleing, bullying and unrespectful attitudes towards me, the other is a tattle-tale. Trying to learn as we go and with the treatment I get I am walking on eggshells and making some mistakes. They cover each other's mistakes but make an issue of mine as I am learning. Nothing said to me in 2 months. Then I state I don't like the way the one treats me and then I am told that if "I don't improve," I won't be kept on. Any insights would be helpful. I like the work, and really want to get along. I don't create waves and feel intimidated. I defer to the first one as to not make her frustrated enough to go off on me and that is being percieved as not knowing what to do next. In my defense I let her know what I am doing so she doesn't go off on me. If I don't she questions me or finds something wrong in what I am doing. Very critical.

    Thanks for any insight. I am a Sag as well as the bully. I am 11/28/53 , I have a Libra rising and a virgo moon. She is 12/17/ - around 45 years old.


  • Please, I really need some insight.



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