Need help interepreting strange dream involving a guy I like

  • Would love help interpreting this dream. Ok, little background info. This guy and I both are really attracted to each other, but he has a girlfriend and is having a tough time ending that relationship. I've told him I can't see him until that is over. I had a really weird dream about him last night and would love help interpreting it.

    I was in some sort of European style city - old churches, small cobblestone streets, cobblestone squares, old buildings. My friends and I were at a restaurant, in the back in an outdoor area. I went outside for some reason and thought I saw this guy I like. I thought that it wasn't time for us to meet again, that I wasn't ready. I turned around and headed back inside, I could feel him following me. I weaved my way back through the restaurant, just as I reached my friends outside I could feel a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it wasn't the guy I like. The stranger asks if he can talk to me. We then headed outside of the restaurant. He says that his is the guy I like's best friend. The guy is heavy set, tall thin face, lighter hair, no facial hair. He said that he came to find me. That the guy I like is miserable without me. That he loves me. He said that I needed to come with him because he is going to get us together. He said that all we needed to do was meet, kiss and that'll be it. I don't know if I'm ready, but decide to take a leap of faith and go with the best friend.

    I go with the best friend to where the guy I like is. He's with other friends and his girl friend. He is surrounded by his friends, the gf is off to one side with some friends. The best friend walks up to him (I'm next to him) and says that there is someone that he wants him to meet. The guy I like turns around and stops stunned when he sees me. I'm surprised since he has gained a ton of weight, he's pretty fat. But none of that matters - we are both instantly lost in each other, the connection and attraction still really strong. Suddenly I knew I was ready to see him again.

    I say "hey." He says "hey" back and then holds out his arms and says "can I get a hug?" I say yeah, step forward, wrap my arms around him, he wraps his arms tightly around me and presses his cheek to my forehead. I could just feel love oozing from him. He whispered he missed me and I whispered I missed him too. Finally we break apart still staring at each other for a few more moments.

    I turned back to the best friend, he says that I was supposed to kiss him. I said he didn't kiss me. He tells me to just grab his face and kiss him. He then pushes me into the guy I like. I take his face between my hands and kiss him deeply. He's stunned for a second, then wraps his arms around me and crushes me to him and gives me a deep passionate kiss. Again the world shrinks to just us. We end the kiss and just smile knowingly at each other. All his friends and the gf are watching us.

    Suddenly a giant dog that belongs to him (in real life he doesn't have a dog) get loose. the dog is huge (about the size of a great dane). He has brown/gold hair, it's a short haired dog. I say I can find him and run after the dog. I run through winding streets and finally come upon the dogs standing in an open and not too crowded square. I grab the dog by it's collar and hold it tight. It's a really strong, big dog. I look back and the guy I like hasn't arrived yet. I think "hurry up, I can't hold him for forever, he's really strong." Then the dog yanks hard and gets away again. The chase resumes. He finally stops in a crowded space. I grab his collar and say "sit". The dog does. The dog likes me, he and I are close. He licks me and now behaves better for me - no pulling at the collar. He seems happy I am around. I go the feeling I had a better/more special bond with the god than the gf or most of the guy I likes' friends.

    This time the guy I like is close behind and arrives quickly. All the extra weight is gone and he now looks like his normal self. He gives me a hug and a kiss. It felt like there are very few people this dog would listen to/behave for/let catch them. It was like the dog and I had a special bond. Everyone else then arrives.

    We all go and sit down in a restaurant at a long table. The guy I like is at one end and his current gf is all the way down at the other end. On one side are a few friends, the best friend, myself and then a few more friends. the gf hasn't said mush, but I can feel her staring at me. She obviously knows, but I don't care. I know they're over and he's ready to make the break.

    I look at my food and I have no appetite - I feel it's time for action (on my part). I get up, walk over to him and bend down and whisper in his ear. I tell him it's time for him to make a decision. That it's me or her. What we have is real, true, amazing love. That I firmly believe we are soulmates. That being together we would at times challenge each other, but it would only make the relationship more rewarding. That I wanted him to know that I love him and wanted to give him the freedom to choose. The freedom to choose us. Because that's what amazing relationships are based on - freedom - that's what makes them work. And that's one thing that would make ours so great, we both let each other be free to be who we are but we also have so many interests in common and have so much fun together. I then kiss his check and whisper that I have faith in him to choose us.

    I then leave the restaurant. I felt powerful. I felt the power I have from his love and our connection. I knew what between them was over. The best friend comes running after me ecstatic saying that it went perfectly and that he;s going to do it, pick us and finally make the break with her and we will be so happy.

    Then I woke up. So that's the strange, rather detailed dream. Sorry it's so long. Would love anyone's take on it. I woke up and the dream just felt important - like the universe was trying to tell me things or show me lessons to learn.

    Thanks so much for the help!

  • Hi, The overall meaning of this dream is the fact that he really doesn't "know" you like you want him to. You do have an advocate the best friend and the dog. I love animals but don't see this as a good sign in this dream. Mainly because you are running after and catching. Sometimes animals will let you catch them, some will growl in fear. Deep inside they fear what will happen if they don't give in. Don't chase, let it come to you. Things work out for the best this way.

    I think your subconscious is really trying to work through this. You were able to deliver your message to him yourself. You still don't know the outcome.

    There are certain things about this dream that worry me. True freedom is really being happy and secure w/yourself whatever the situation. Personally, I've never been in a situation where "it's me or her." It's a place I don't care to visit.

  • Hello 9luv... I am an avid dreamer, and have been interpreting my own dreams for over 30 years now.

    A few things stand out for me in your dream:

    The "best friend" who is delivering the message to you, and you to the guy you like. I feel that represents the fact that it is not the guy you like himself. You said he was a stranger, so it's not someone you know, right? That represents possibly an aspect of this guy that you wish was there. Someone who will come to you and make everything alright. He tells you just what you want to hear. He will give you what you want, but it is not the guy you like himself beckoning you, just someone who you thought was him.

    The extra weight the guy you like has on him is pretty clear cut. He does have an extra weight on him. His current girlfriend, and the decision he must make about her and you.

    Animals will generally represent an aspect of our personalities, or another's that needs to be addressed. A dog running off could respresent yourself at the end of your "tether", and your readiness to run away from the situation. Or it could represent the true nature of this guy, who could really be a "dog" by leaving you hanging like this. You are chasing it too, which may represent you pursuing this elusive male.

    The ending is the outcome you want. It is so simple, right? You have a connection, it is true love. Yet, life isn't that simple unfortunately. The good thing is your self confidence in the end, and your faith in true love. He just has to realize all the apparently wonderful qualities in you, and make up his mind. I hope he makes the right choice, and your dream does come true.

    P.S. You say you are both really attracted to each other, but how well do you know each other? Is it possibly just a flirtation on his part, and do you know for sure that he wants to leave his girlfriend? If he is willing to get involved with you while he is still with someone else, what kind of guy is he? Just some things to consider...

  • I agree with the two other posters, despite the fact I can tell from your rendition that you HOPE this dream is a positive omen, I think it's meant as a caution for you. It may also be warning you that part of you is willing to bend your rules (about waiting for him to end it) and you should be aware of that.

    I agree with both the interpretations the two above me gave (I thought they were very insightful). I would like to add something neither of them mentioned. I noticed that in the beginning you were with a bunch of your friends and you were confident that you weren't ready for this guy. But once his friend woos you away (against your better judgement it seems) you never see your friends again. You spend the rest of the dream surrounded by HIS people (whom you even say you don't like that much). I also note that he never leaves his girlfriend or gives her any indication he wants throughout the whole dream.

    I agree that the dog is significant, but I think it represents Him (as it's his dog) and I think your having to chase it around is an indication of what a relationship with him will be like.

    Also, you were specific about the place in the beginning of the dream (Old Europe) but not later. Does the scenery change with him? What does Old Europe represent to you?

    I'd say overall my advice would be to stick to your guns about making him choose - once he chooses enter cautiously into the relationship because it seems your emotional conviction about him might blind you to the kind of behavior the dream is telling you you can expect from him.


    Megan Potter

  • Dreaming of dogs usually means some sense of loyalty....

    now with this man not showing up and u holding onto

    the dog who is obviously continually getting away tells

    me that theres not enough loyalty with this guy to keep

    a strong hold on him. And if he wants to be with you so damn bad

    but yet wont leave his gf cause he SAYS hes having a tough time ending it.

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