Appreciate help with love and money Interpretation needed.

  • I need help with what the cards say, if any one can help me with its interpretation that would be great.

    Past influences: 4 of wands; Present: 7 of pentacles; Hopes and Fear: 8 of pentacles; Obstacles: 3 of wands; Others Attitude: the high priestess; Influences around you: the wheel of furtune; outcome King of pentacles;

    Thank for your interpretation.

  • second time around

  • You did one spread for two parts of life Love/money ?

  • From these cards I can see that you might be stuck in a ditch of sorts.. Not getting any place fast.

    You feel tired and losing faith and positive energy. The answer lays in these two cards

    Wheel Of fortune and King Of Pentacles.

    Think why you keep going round and round in circles. Thin what needs to change for you to reach your goals. Something needs to change in order for you to get where you want to go and you know what it is. The outcome is a very good card, I don't know what your question was but it;s a positive card. Don't be scared of change it is necessary for progress.

  • Thank you daagala,

    I need to make the decision this year about love dating two man one younger ( not younger than me) and one older a bit older. So question was which which is more compatible and will I be happy with my decision

  • Well in this case the Older one is more suitable. King Of Pentacles.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank You for all your help................................

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