• HAHAHA this is a great place to be. Seehorse do you call dinnertime - feeding time at the zoo? I do.


  • Okay okay i got it now this is a conspiracy to make me feel like an 1d1ot yes yes i see it now "hahaha guys let's talk to him using phrases he won't understand freaking j3rk buahahaha"

    that's of course because you're mostly gurls and i'm a boy and you're jealous !!

    ( Should i tell them i thought SH meant sh1thead.......never mind...they'll just rofl more)

    Well i have a name (yes it SHOULD be atlas but...) that cannot be "converted" into an english name. Panagiotis (don't laugh lol) is actually an adjective for Mother Mary meaning someone who is completely, utterly saint. Friends call me Panos, you can call me pete or whatever it's me good old Seehorse and paddifluff explain pliz lol

  • how can you not see THAT coming....

  • Nice name SH- Paanagiotis 🙂 Lovely. Hope you had a great day, You'll get my Journey, making up a load of nicknames for you know, so watch out. SH and your full name, and maybe something else added, heheh, 🙂 so next time maybe you'll have for or five names. lol

    Bee Xx


    Love ya My Journey, and i love how you give everyone nicknames hehehe. 🙂

  • Well when you sit down to eat with small children it is like feeding time at the zoo, my house is a zoo.

  • yo' bro whatz up dog lol i was just reading RC's thread haha love the name SH, i took you as a Alexander, but yes, panos works lol..peter is my partners name i just might have to call you ummmmmmmmmmmm not sure yet lol....

    poor little puppy ROTFLMAO...

    awe the conspiracy theory, yep i like that, lets pick on Pete,pano,panos,SH, dog, Bro,,need more coffee BRO'

  • Thanks Padifluff, and yes a zoo here as well but we've learned our lesson. Instead of running after them to pick up things from the floor (walls also) we just let them have their way and clean up when they fall asleep.

    MyJourney i'm really looking forward to hear what you've come up with (and give me the perfect excuse to be it !)

    Bring it on.....

  • yo' Pedro, lol yep thats it lol...maybe....

    what time is it mr. wolf....

    nope, notta, it Pedro,

  • Just realized i don't know your real name... damn how am i gonna make fun of you

    There was an old donkey in my wife's home town they called him Petro roflmao fits perfectly damn can't stop laughing i think it's called nervous laghter yes i googled that also got any problemwith that

  • Pedro aka Seehorse stop making fun of me !!!!!!! damn now hicup hahahahahichahahhic

  • love it lol, PEDRO

    stay out of the urban dictionary haha, my Little girl found the site and i told her to loose it right away rotf lmao...she looked up peter innocently, om gosh Pedro i had to hide my face and walk out of the room...i was crying, laughing so hard..then i had to put on my depends (yep, your right i said it! GOOGLE IT) depends that is lol...

    so its 10:17 in Greece, the children should be sleeping like have a good night with your Angelic wife and enjoy the quiet moments...

    Namaste Panagiotis

    Sheila for the 5th time lol my name...

  • Just saw "the power of words" thread, just wonderful, reminded me of "in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" yes, such is the power of words. They can create and destroy, so they must be chosen carefully. This thread is not only about laughs, whenever you need a friend, i'll be here.

    And a good night to you, dear Sheila.

    Namaste (googled that)

  • Words and thoughts are powerful! Have a good Evening/Night whatever it may be in your world folks!

  • thanks spunkyyyyyyyyyyy, you to...must be close to dinner time there...

    love and light cee

    thanks for all that you do and of course for being you....


    goodnight Pedro:)

  • If you think about it, we are able to convey feelings just sending words via cables around the world. I find it fascinating that a person living thousands of miles away can make me laugh or cry or change my life with words. Without seeing or hearing or touching each other. No faces, no bodies, just spirits getting in touch in a way that simply doesn't happen in everyday life, where we subconsiously tend to concentrate on appearances. I think it is a small taste of the spiritual world, where we will be able to communicate just by exchanging raw emotions, what do you think ?

  • Visit urban dictionary, search for "pedro" lol

  • 🙂

  • Good morning Panos,

    yes, i totally have to agree with you, like you before i found this place i was looking for something just not sure what:) I've been around here for 2 years ahh still to early, maybe over a year ...i had changed my user name, as my spirit name used to be shatz (treasure) my partner calls me that, so to drill it in my head,(just a few insecurities) that was my user name...I have met some great people through cyber world and its just a amazing experience, that we can make a connection with not even see that person...But some i do see(not face to face) or feel and i have to back away..did .that make any sense???

    i' have a wee bit of a head ache this morning so if I'm not bouncing around you'll now why...have a great,great afternoon, I'm sure you will add more to your thread throughout the day 🙂




  • Excuse me dear MyJourney, you are prejudiced ! Just read below (what, you thought i wouldn't search that rofl)

    SHEILA :

    A great and loving person someone that you can call a sister. The most amazing cook, generous heart,caring and loving. She is Funny and loves to Dance even if it is to her own music. Life is full of fun and funny stories with lots of laughter when you are with her. She pushes her self out of her comfort zone to accomplish the tasks that's placed before her with a job well done. When you are sad or feeling ill she is the first one to respond to your side.

    If your a Sheila set your goals high, Because this is what Sheila's do.

    It is Cool to be a Sheila ...Bright, Smart and Beautiful in side and out. Most of all In tune with the Spirit of God! were saying ?

  • Panos : To Panos is equivalent to to do something pathetically awesome or to act like the coolest dude alive.


    Panos can also describe someone who is extremely laid back,cool,a dude, god-like or ridiculously good-looking and perfect.

    He totally Panoed last night. It was awesome.

    Common name for males in Greece. Also means "diarrhea" in Russian.

    I just love this site !!

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