• Lol- okay I live the area around Hampshire, in a small town called Alton or lol my sister does that too, she google maps on her phone, when she gets bored hahaha, Funny things. If you google those words should come on the map or something,and no its not Alton towers- that's up north 🙂 I am in the south of England. just people get confused. I live in a little old council house. suppose to be temporary- Been in it for about 2-3 years lol. Hopefully we should get somewhere permanent soon. 🙂 Since mum didn't bug them from a permanent house.

  • Or baverstocks- which is the road area 🙂 Missed that word. posted before i could type.

    Bee Xx

  • I also prefer the night- cause of the stars and moon, i just do not always like how dark it gets lol.

    I am sensitive to light, so i can get pretty tired, if I stay out in the sun too long, I do not get sun burn easily, as i do not spend long enough out there too. 🙂 but i do make the time to go out.

    I just collapse and sleep afterwards, if i spend too long outside. 🙂 i did that yesterday, 4 hour sleep. after mucking out the pasture i had to do. and was out for about from 2-4 in the sun, so you can see how much it takes out of me. 🙂 Its nice and cool in the evenings too. and i begin to feel less tired.

    Which is kinda annoying. sometimes.

    Bee Xx

  • wow look at all these green pastures all around haha i'm still high up abobe your town. i'll see if i can find the street now. My wife says come to bed moron it's almost midnight wth are you doing you PC addict lol

  • Hey, all the house look alike ! If i lived there i would have trouble to find mine again after returning from work...what's that sign saying fragile roof-no climbing (thieves, please use the front door rofl)

  • Hahaha- LOL seehorse, yes lots of lovely fields and blossom trees here, though our front garden, looks like a forrest. as we do not do anything with it, I use my back garden a lot, and the back-door, as we live on a coldasack with a round car park, and theres lots of old peoples homes at the back, and a small green, we live 10 minutes to the nearest tesco, and theres a nice little town just about 20 minutes down the road, nothing fancy, but its okay, i love the second hand book shop they have there, its awesome, I always dig around in that shop, its really old too, and been around for a long time. 🙂 Its got a good feel to it Alton town centre, its small too, so that's good for me.

    Your wife, must be the sensible one, 😉 LOL i know i am probably a bit like you, hanging on the pc till i am told to get of my my mum, though i try my best to get of before she tells me too. lol 🙂

    Or i will be on for hours. :O) Bee Xx

  • Seems like a nice place your town, really peaceful nothing like the rat race of the big city.....Some years ago i thought such a place would be right for me but when we moved to my wife's town for 4 years i hated it, almost went crazy with all this quiet life hahaha i guess i'm a city boy can't do without noise, cars, people all crammed together. Oh boy 12:30 that's it for today my little bee finally going to bed it was really great visiting your home town now you go to bed too like a good girl lol

  • Heheh- Seehorse, i was just about to head off 🙂 LOL. I hope you have a good night sleep too

    and Yeah- city i do not think i could cope though i have sort of stayed in one before, Portsmouth is were my dad lives and that is noise and all too did not like too much, but it was okay, i have always lived in the country, or remotely in a country place, its quiet, apart from the children running outside, and yelling when there playing. And dogs too. 🙂 specially in this hot weather. Have a good sleep. and speak in the morrow.

    Love n Hugs Bee Xx

  • Good night you two lol...gosh its like 3 in the afternoon now everyone is sleeping what the heck am i going to do...

  • maybe i'll try that 1800 number

  • LOL- My Journey 🙂 Hehehe.

    Bee Xx

  • Whew.......difficult day this sunday, tough day but all is well now, it's gone but valuable lessons remain and that's what is important....

    Hey ! Anybody here ? I've been feeling $h!tty all day long but a little honest talk can solve everything so now i'm rockin and rollin and want to have FUN so don't you dare sleep !!

  • Hey Bro,

    Did you get grounded lol...I thought something was up...yes honesty, it hurts but its good for your soul...did you try that 1800 number hahaha


  • No, just a big fight personal matters but it's really good to blow off some steam every now and then (better than keeping it inside or banging your head against the wall !) and believe me, things are better never left unsaid between you and people you love (between you and yourself also that's when it gets tough) as for such numbers i've never called any of them......wait if it's a dirty talking line then type the rest digits....

  • Seehorse- Sorry to hear about your tought day, i hope it gets better for you in the evening and the rest of the week, then you can chill a little lol 🙂 Hugs and love.

    Bee Xx

  • hey S.H, you might be sleeping now...but i never thanked you for my path number incite, yep thats me fits like a perfect glove..:)

    So your a Pisces, my daughter is a Pisces, my due date was her dads birthday feb 24th, my partner who passed away ... but she picked her own time...get ready 02/22/2000 and born on a tuesday,

    Watching you Pisces is like watching a tennis match on t.v.

    is there any Leo hiding in your planets.


  • Well now that you mention it no, not one. Maybe that's why i like Leos they complete me lol one of my best friends is Leo and we get along perfectly....i like your inner fire it seems. And you are surrounded by fish i see. By the tennis match you mean our sudden mood changes ? (pliz explain you know me stoopid)

  • Partly yes your mood changes, but more so you can't sit still, ever since my daughter could walk talk, at 7 months. i would turn my head for not even a second and she was gone..even now, one minute she will be in her room 2 seconds later shes standing behind my head goes back and forth constantly trying to figure out where she is going next...

  • Lol hehehe My Journey- 🙂 Sounds a bit like me, Guessing your right, you cannot take your eyes of them, as they scoot from one place to the next, you never know what i am doing next either, cause i do not know myself. lol Love ya Bee Xx

  • a 22 in the DOB 8 life path what do you expect, lotsa energy you googled

    greece ? Which island you will visit first ?

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