• Hahaha, Lol They do not allow swear words here, sometimes they put them as **** as well.

    perhaps you pressed something by accident, lol. your funny,you have a good sense of humor, in most of your posts. its good to have a laugh, Its nice and sunny today. Not been doing much though, just chilling, and sorting out my story i am writing, and need to finish it soon too. lol.

    What do you do for a living seehorse? and what are your interests and hobbies.

    I love to read and write, and just Do a lot of random stuff lol and i am in college studying till may, doing health and social, and english, n worksills. I am also trying to learn how to play guitar, but i never seem to have the motivation to do get to it. hehehe. But so far i can play twinkle twinkle. :O)

    Bee Xx

  • This post is deleted!

  • Good morning, from my world good afternoon to others and Goodnight to you seehorse...what time is it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This thread has taken on a life of its own,lol...S.H you've been very busy:)

    @Seehorse,i don't know what to say but thank you, i haven't laughed like i did this morning for several months...You have such a way with words and are a "breath of fresh air" 🙂

    google it hahahaha..

    I've had a rough couple of days, but i always pull through:) to much chatter goes on in my mind, mostly my own..yes, therapy is needed lol...

    hello sweet bee,

    hello bro, (got your mail...)

    zeppity doo dah aka "zepagain", i was just thining of you:) and here you are:) hello to prince Andre'...

    By the way that phone number is no longer in service:) dOn't bother calling it tooter ROTF LMAO

    Namaste to all of you


  • And i thank you, dear zepagain and hope to hear (read most likely) from you again. I really think you are really enlightened,

    AngelBee, i am a physical therapist. I work at an assisted living residencies institution, a very expensive one for old people with lots of cash. And yes they can be really horrible sometimes when they think they can buy everything but it was a life-changing experience for me. Some are weird, some crazy, some vain and just a few really wise people. I learned and realized a lot from all of them.

    Hobbies ? Interests ?! Hahaha i'll wait and see YOU married with children my dear AngelBee !

    Unfortunately, there's so little spare time. Sculpting, reading and playing the guitar (well, not really just making noise you know ) were some of my hobbies damn it seems a lifetime ago.

    But i am thankful for my home, my wife and my 2 wonderful daughters. They are far more valuable than any hobby. Oh, and finding this site loaded with all you wonderful people !

    What more could any person want ? (win the lottery of course lol)

  • And of course a good afternoon to you dear Myjourney!! (Hmmm.. by the way what's your DOB ? You never know....) Glad to see you are feeling goooood glad i made you laugh thanks for your kind words and oh yes it's almost 9 in the evening now, time to put the children to sleep, sing all those stoopid lullabys to the little one then having to go through it again because the older

    (elder, eldest ?) is jealous (7 1/2 years old: if you sing to IT why not to me too?!) can you believe that....more soon (i hope....)

  • Hehehe- SeeHorse, Im 19- too young for children yet, but i get what your saying, and sounds interesting your work, Bet you learned a lot there. 🙂

    I am sure looking after your children can be a hobby too, you get to have lots of fun with them, and sometimes not so much fun if they are trouble makers lol- Glad you play a bit of guitar, making sounds on it can be fun too, i do that. lol- with the singing lullaby's that is sweet, Do you have fun with that, or would you rather not do it, I can see why doing it twice would be annoying, especially for a 7 and 1/2 year old, Have you ever tried using the guitar for that, 🙂 Then you do not have to use your voice to much. hehehe.Bee Xx


    My Journey, i hope your doing okay, Miss your Chats, Hope to catch up soon

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • Your lucky my daughter won't let me sing heheh...i just love the lullabies, hush little baby don't say a word lol

    So your a physical therapist cool...i just love the elders:) I have been brought up with grandma's and grandpa's...I looked after my Uncle who lived with my daughter and i who had dementia, not sure of the spelling..That was tough on me and especially my little girl, The hardest thing was to put my uncle in a assisted living home:( plus i had to call the police on him twice, thats when i knew i couldn't care for him anymore, he passed away in 2009. Now he was lets just say cranky...So i understand where your coming from working with our elders:)

    I had a feeling you worked with people just not sure in what compacity...Something tells me your good with don't blush:)

    what do you sculpt, thanks to bee's question far as musical instruments, NOPE NOTTA NOTHING FOR THIS GIRL, but i do love to write:) thats my Passion along with reading and researching anything.

    ouch my age..probably could be your mother or your kids grandma daughter who's 11 is like an only child because her bro's are 23 and 24...yes, i know big age daughter is the one that gave me my Grey hair lol...

    August 10,1960, a feisty Leo

    talk to you soon, happy singing to your Angel daughters...



  • AngelBee, when a child comes into your life, your life changes. There really are no words to describe the feelings you get when you hold YOUR baby in your arms after its birth. You'll get the full meaning of my words when this wonderful thing happen to you. But there will be times when you will be so exhausted that you'll pray they fall asleep ! and sometimes you'll just miss your friends, your freedom and be completely jealous of 19 y.o. people lol as for the lullaby, my guitar playing is much worse than my voice, so....

  • and your right about zep:)

  • lol, i was waiting for bee to tell you shes 19, oh my to be 19 again....

  • haha look at the times 11:48 seehorse both of us were writing at the same time...

  • MyJourney, you're a life path 7 :

    A Life Path 7 person is a peaceful and affectionate soul, and by nature rather reserved and analytical. The overwhelming strength of the number 7 is reflected in the depth of thinking that is shown. Intellectual, scientific and studious, you don't accept a premise until you have dissected the subject and arrived at you own independent conclusion. This is a very spiritual number and it often denotes a sort of spiritual wisdom that becomes apparent at a fairly early age.

    And what's that about your age ?! I was born in 1966 and i still feel (and yes act....) like a young boy. And i have seen many 20 y.o. people who are pitiful, always bored without, any interest in life, without FIRE in their souls as they should have. And i have met a few people much older than me whose vitality and thirst for life puts me to shame. One day a 90 year old lady was admitted where i work. She was too weak to get out of bed and her respiratory system was so weak she couldn't speak loud. But she had a very strong spirit. After 9 months she started climbing stairs, and that's a true story. The stairs !! She's 92 now and thank God still going strong. Now, how old do you THINK you are again ?

  • Great minds act alike lol

  • Lol- Seehorse, I suppose your right about that, and the having children thing, i guess i wouldn't mind doing that, at a later stage though, :). and i wouldn't mind the hard work, as well, as i am when i get around too it, hard work myself. 😄

    and MyJourney, heehehe i did it just to tease 🙂 but sometimes i do not feel like 19- 🙂

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Awe, you see, I'm a very young spirit hehe...No, i don't feel 50 at all. Mind is good body another story...Get to sleep or i'll sing you a to you soon...

  • 🙂 Lalalalala- Im doing my own singing . lol.

    Bye My Journey- 🙂 Bee Xx

  • NOOOOOOOOO I DON'T WANNA GOTA SLEEEEP YET PLEEEEEEASE pretty please mommy ? just a little longer huh? Now i know how my daughters feel haha

  • 🙂 LOL- Seehorse. 🙂 By any chance, do you own any horses? 🙂 and were abouts do you live?

    I live in united kingdom, just an hour from london, if you were to catch the train.

    Lol. so basically the south of england. 🙂 I am still up, but thats because i am a night person, rather than a day person. Id love to hibernate too, during winter, if i could. hahaha.

    Love Bee Xx

  • 🙂 I only asked, cause we have about 3- my mum owns horses, do not see them much myself, but have two big black welsh cobs. 🙂 I use to ride, but not anymore, maybe one day.

    Bee Xx

  • Oh, yes i love the night too. Those quiet moments when everyone is sleeping are a treasure. Unfortunately i wake up at 5:30 in the morning during the week so i go to bed at around 12:00 at night. Today though i'll just enjoy my quiet moments as long as i can keep my eyes open ! I really enjoy surfing the internet at such times, looking for all kind of things, astrology, philosophy, taking a virtual walk on the streets of various cities around the world using google maps (just a day ago i visited MyJourney's neighborhood-that was cool !).

    I live in Athens, Greece at a nice suburb called Pefki (ask MyJourney what that means lol) Where do you live near London ? I'll virtually visit your place too !

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