• Hehehe- Seehorse, Cool Cool 🙂 Do you know that number meaning ? I will look up the yin metal sheep sounds cool, i kinda like sheep lol- BahahaAhaha.

    Love ya and thanks lol. Bee Xx

  • Numerology lifepath 22 is a master builder. The number 22 is very powerful. Anyone possessing this lifepath number has a date with destiny.

    First are your Character Traits

    • Extremely capable of reaching the very top of his/her chosen profession

    • An inborn understanding of material problems and their forces

    • Very perceptive in most things

    • The inner fire of a 22 is visible to all he/she comes into contact with

    • The nervous tension felt by a 22 cannot often be hidden

    The Lesson

    The lifepath 22 must learn to live up to his/her potential being although aware and highly perceptive as he/she is will find self often frustrated at not being able to put the puzzle together when confronted with a problem. Learning to harness the great power to accomplish great things will not come to the 22 in his/her early years.

    After maturity will come better understanding and he/she will be a wonder to see in all his/her endeavors. Learning how to harness this great potential and use it constructively for the betterment of those around him/her or the world in general will be the lesson for this lifetime.

    I just "borrowed" this from a numerology site.......stealing is addictive lol

  • Cool- Heheh SeeHorse, thanks very much- i had a nap, about 4 hours haha, just been back from work, kinda tiring, normally i would be doing babysitting, but the babysitting, has turned into p.o.o.h picking fields too, so i have a bit of both jobs, the family have horses, so every friday they want me to poo pick, they have about 3 of them, and it was sooo hot today, and i was boiled, i done about 2 fields and must have gotten 5 wheel barrows of pooh lol- and another one on her own two fields she has, so includes 6- Kinda Tiring, but i do not mind as it is money for me lol.

    Love ya and thanks for much for the description of 22- kinda interesting,

    Bee Xx

  • PS: It does ring true for me, so i guess, that is all i have to say, i like numerology too. but i cannot do maths, scary huh.

    Bee Xx

  • thanks for the chuckle SeeHorse , bro....i looked up some rents in "pine tree" lol...

    om gosh your not kidding it would work out to our Canadian dollar at 1930.00 per month crazy,,how do people live, not just there but here also...theres has to be two incomes coming in or you cannot survive on the one which is very sad...i'm a single mama and sometimes i wonder how i even make it but i do, by changing the way i think ,has allot do do with it..i have realized the hard way what i put out into the Universe it will either bite me in the a.s.s.or allow abundance to flow to me when i least expect it....Now that didn't work overnight mind you, and i still get put those thoughts out there but now at least i can stop halfway through and change it..

    Have a great night hope baby's teething problem is settle down....

    have a good rest SH...i'm off to look at some more of Greece...



  • Seehorse- Are you sure you read my birthdate right- I am in the uk- and says my life path is 4 lol.

    Just checking- Hehehe- November 9th 1991 is my birthday, i hope you do not mind re checking.

    Love ya Bee Xx


    Hey My Journey, hope your well, sorry- i forgot to say hiya, and didn't mean to jump into the thread lol- just thought it was an easier way to talk with seehorse, rather than using Tooters thread.

    Love you Bee Xx

  • AngelBee, i visited, one of the most recognized numerology sites (or so they say lol) and used their method. If you have free time (in between pooh picking hehe) it's well worth a visit !

    Mostly because you can find out a lot of stuff for free. A wealth of information there about your life cycles, karmic lessons, the works ! Just click "Do Your Own Reading" i am tempted to buy their proffesional numerology software (without my wife finding out the cost of course) very interesting stuff there. So worry not my dear, its true. You are 22 the master builder, as i am 33 the master teacher (George w. Bush is also a 33 rofl) all we need to find now is the 11 and we form the TRIANGLE OF ENLIGHTENMENT !!! wow yeah (then form a cult find a rich guy/gal with lots of millions and lots of problems and no kids of course to donate all to the Light or else he/she will be damned for all eternity and spend the rest of our lives talking horseshit to the world yes pun intended hahahaha) hmmm.... what's tooter DOB i wonder......

  • MyJourney, Greeks went absolutely crazy over the past 2 decades. We forgot sanity, saving money, think before spending all the sane stuff our parents taught us. We abandoned ourselves (not me thank god) in a race to live beyond our means just to show off. I remember someone telling me "thank God for the loans, they sustain the economy, we have quality of life etc" yeah idio you owe money everywhere and you call that quality living lol. I am just sorry for all of us prudent and sane people who live in a country on the verge of bancruptcy thanks to such idiots and corrupted politicians.....

    BY the way did you feel OK yesterday ? I had a very weird someone was feeling real bad, i cannot exactly describe it, but i knew it wasn't my feelings (that or i definitely need therapy lol) and YES i slept very well last night and today is a wonderful sunny day can i win the lottery now to complete the joy hahaha

  • Mine is august 19-1951-9-35-am i had one done here a couple of weeks ago read it and toss it trying to sale you on long term addiction i just go for the free stuff LOL i know that's mean it was interesting ,you can take a pile of poop twist turn it flip it over and throw it and guess what its still poop.

    Bee i have cleaned stalls and lots and runs but i have never heard of cleaning the pasture ,Why? i would think they would want it to stay and fertilize the soil ,now don't you get to pooping hot now LOL couldent resist Bee

    Now here in Texas they have cow patty tossing now seehorse to you that is cow sh*it patties so you dont get confused LOL

  • Well seehorse i guess our day of true expression has come to an end the * is a no longer viable comidty LOL or maybe i just forgot to put them in LOL

  • $hit....

  • You see my friend, there is always a way hahaha no one can stop us rofl burn in h3ll ..... kiss my @$$...... just beautiful hahahahaha

  • LOL Love it oh Jessie coming out

  • Well i am going to go outside and talk to my honey then go to bed its 1:35 am now latter my friend

  • Sure go ahead my friend, we all need some rest. Hey,, wait too many numbers on your DOB !

    What's that 35 doing in there ?! by 9 you mean saptember right (too stupid, pliz expain)

    saptember lol....

  • Hey Seehorse, only do it every friday, and during the week i try and get in for some babysitting with the same people- But yeah thank you for that, and I will try and look at the website- on half term now. heheh. Easter holidays- its nice and sunny again today. Love ya and thanks for the website. Bee Xx


    Tooter lol- i was thinking that myself, but we are fussy and do not like mess, do we? Well even pooh mess, i think its just easier so the horses, can have fresh clean fields, i dunno. I would have left it there to be honest, but my mum does that too, she pooh picks. and i have mucked out stalls as well. and yes it was pooping hot. LOL But nice at the same time, haven't had good weather for a while. well least not like this, i hope your enjoying yourself at the moment, Love ya tooter.

    Bee Xx

  • Lol Seehorse, he means he was born

    august- the 9th, 1995-

    and his birth time, was 9:35 am lol.

    Just to clear it up for you. 🙂


    My birthtime was 12:10pm hehe

    Bee Xx

  • Hahaha i just looked at the numbers not realizing there was August before them,,,,, lol whatta f@(k1ng idiot rofl

  • hey what happened ? i typed the "f " word and the computer thinks it's an e-mail or something ?!

    Maybe it's a call 666-hotline2h*ell thing ?!!

  • Now i'm tempted.....but YOU try it lol

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