• Hey Seehorse, hoping this message is finding you in great spirits:)

    I thought i would start a new thread to leave Bro's alone for the students lol..

    I live in North Burnaby, if you google Hastings and Willingdon Area that should give you an idea where i am located..I see the Mountains from my front window...Which is Grouse Mountain, the Lions...etc I am about a 10 minute drive to downtown Vancouver...and the Ocean..

    NAMASTE Seehorse


  • 🙂

  • Wow !! So this is MY thread ?!! I can do anything i want here ? well...i'm off to world war 3 (Putting children to bed that is) i think of something nasty, be back soon well....i hope so.....they MUST be tired by now them little monsters...

  • I'm on my way to lighthouse park you can google that if you want...first sunny day in 6 months, though it seems...good luck with putting the kids to bed lol...

    Its still morning here, i just set my 11 year old to school, now I'm all screwed up with these time differences...

    sister shee

  • long last...i adore children...when they are asleep !! Now, for my contribution to this thread :

  • WTF!! What the heck does "denied dimensions" mean?! Damn this computer stuff. 400X800 pixels, right....stoopid me. Now, how could i resize it....duuhhh i'll be back.

  • And after an hour of blessed silence little one starts to cry, her teeth you know...hahaha that's it now i'm going crazy...... i checked the area and it looks pretty nice, i even spotted a "cristos greek taverna" !

    I even took a walk on Pender street which is fantastic ! I just love the houses and the open space. Is it a safe area to raise children ? It certainly feels so. In Athens most people live in apartments, houses are so expensive here. I am fortunate to live in a very good suburb called pefki ( which means pine tree) and to own my apartment makes me really happy. Most people i know have to pay for the mortgage and this coupled with the financial crisis, low salaries and high cost of living make things hard for them.

    Last week i discovered Karmic Astrology, a very interesting subject. My sister also suggested me to study astropsychology ( seems i need to clone myself. One clone to work, one for family and i get to live !!)

    11 o clock boy i'm beat have a good day and again thanks for the thread !

  • SeaHorse- That is a good name you got there, and seems to match your humor. 🙂

    You know how to make someone laugh, 😄 Thanks for the smiles.

    Bee Xx

  • 🙂

  • Well, some laughs (or many) is something we all really need, especially at such difficult times. Everywhere i go i see unhappy people. Sometimes its disheartening to realize just how much pain exists in the world. But, i know the universe eventually gives you your heart's desire. I really felt i was suffocating before i found this place. I wanted so much to reach out, connect, share etc and what do you know, it happened ! I got a bunch of wonderful people and a whole new world for me to explore, yay ! As for the nickname, i am Pisces in western astrology and a horse in chinese, hence seahorse, but that was already taken. Fortunately the Supreme Spirit (or something) enlightened me to make it seehorse, you know a horse that SEES, a seer wow lol. What's your sign AngelBee ? bytheway when am i going to sleep ? Got work tomorrow....bah, who cares...

  • Hello poetic !!

    Now, my first upload (fingers crossed)...

  • Gotcha !!

    (Donkey : Boss, i quit !)

  • Hey Funny picture actually the donkey kinda looks relaxed in that position heheh, cool good idea with the name, another Pisces know lots of em lol- I am a scorpio not sure what my chineese sign is, or the other one, lol but yeah- your right, not much funnies going on at the moment, we do need a funny, So perhaps some good old jokes can go here too? I have college tommorow, but not sure if i will go, still deciding. Watching good old lord of the rings. the first one.

    Only for about an hour or so. Love ya Bee Xx

  • Well, anything goes in this thread, so go crazy!! As for your chinese sign tell me your DOB , i'll even tell you your life path. Already past midnight here, going to bed. Bye !

  • Hey Seehorse- Okay, and thank you I think i know my life path is number 4 i think- my DOB- 09/11/1991 the Chinese sign will be cool to find out wow midnight- its about 10 oclock in the evening, nearly midnight. but not yet. Going to have a bath soon, then bed have a good sleep and night night. Love ya Bee Xx

  • hey seehorse, so you had a nice

    I'm glad.yes, its a very safe neighborhood hastings street which is about 20 feet from me, is all family businesses, many have been here for years.I live in a basement suite and rents are also high,never mind buying homes i think the average cost is around $500,000 in vancouver...unless you go further away like about a hours drive, then the average houses are around $300,000...i was wondering how you picked your user name, cool...i'm a Leo Leo,sag, and a rat i believe don't like the rat 😞 but fire i will own lol...

    my partner who passed away was a Pisces and my 11 year old daughter is also a Pisces then i have two older sons, who will be 24 and 25 this year OM GOSH I'M OLD....WELL HAVE A GOOD SLEEP AND WE WILL Talk tommorow...I would love to take a trip to Athens, a dream of mine...

    So i will continue to dream...Sorry to hear baby teething:( remember those days well...i think I'd like to go back to the teething stage, my little girl has been struck hard by puberty lol...i know too much info, but i think i remember you saying you have a teenager also.

    OK, i will sign off...

    Namaste Bro'

    sister Sheila 🙂

    ps ide feel pretty stupid if you were a woman lol, not a guy:) Bro

  • love the pic by the way lol...

  • So is it spring in pefki ,like it is for us...Your at 20 and we are at 12 hahaha..."celcius", or do you go by many questions, inquiring minds want to know...

  • Replace the cat with an a*ss, the TV with a PC and that's me in the picture allright !! We go celsius and today is really wonderful 24 Celsius low Humidity but clouds (literally!) of pollen fill the air, hair,clothes, everywhere ! Greece is a very beautiful country,especially at summer. I wouldn't suggest to just visit Athens as its a noisy city (full of illegal immigrants). Better one of the greek islands such as santorini (unbelievable sunsets) or cephallonia (seen Captain Corelli's

    Mandolin ?)

    Lol i googled vancouver real estate and found some houses cost 2.000.000 $ haha who lives there ? As for the average house, it cost less in canada. You'd need more than 500.000 euros to buy something like that in Greece !

  • As forAngelBee, you are a yin metal sheep. Now i'm too lazy to write a description lol you'll have to google it for details. As for your life path, you add date and month first which in your case is

    9+11=20, then you add the year : 1+9+9+1=20, 2+0=2 and then add those two 20+2=22 my friend, a master number, in fact the most powerful one (angelbee : i always knew it harhar bow to my awsomeness mere mortaaaaals). Some numerology calculators don't use the right algorithms and reduce the 11 (itself a master number) to 2. Whenever a master occurs during adding, or if it already exists (in your case the month) you do not reduce it. So welcome to greatness dear AngelBee ! (just don't let it go to your head....)

    Another way of adding : (11)+(9)+(1+9+9+1)=(11)+(9)+(20)=(11)+(29)=(11)+(11)=22

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