Yikes, reading please!?

  • Any kind souls out there who can read into the situation between me and T? I'm very uneasy about it right now.

    ...I really need to learn tarot for myself! But for now, I would much appreciate your help. 🙂

    Thanks in advance all.


  • everthing happens in threes. for every problem there is a solution. whatever you choose to focus on you create. energy is powerful.and what you consciously choose to create, will change and the cycle repeats. allow yourself to be heard, are you forgetting to do that? do not do yourself a disservice by making decisions based on other's opinions or your own fear because even fear needs to be handled with care as it sometimes comes in disguise. every life has pivitol moments, not necessarily earth shattering, sometimes it's as simple as seeing a rainbow but nevertheless important and sometimes these moments make a difference not to you but to someone else's life. how do we know if the smiled hello to a stranger wasn't a turning point ? it's time to sort through your moments and maybe change your present for the better maybe giving you strength to do what you have to do. what must be done. xxx

  • Why do I GET Tim

  • i can only believe there is a karmic connection. are any of your pivital moments shared?

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