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  • Mixing "Satan" and "Devil" works for the dicussion but...mixing Satan and Lucifer doesn't

    Lucifer/Satan is the "Light-Bearer" and a totally different character according to gnostics.

    Nothing to do with human sacrifice, murder etc. and everything to do with human enlightenment, growth, becoming God as one. Being raised a christian it is a bit difficult to get past the "old concepts" associated with the names but they weave an entirely different story around the whole of creation. It's quite interesting. If you are trying to break free/get past the whole religious dogma and its attempts at holding everyone back for their own continuance, it makes a great deal of sense. I'm not advocating it but I do enjoy the freedom of studying an the enlightenment such studies evoke.

    Here is an excerpt from Donald Tyson's website on Lucifer (also known as Coronzon from John Dee and Edward Kelly and the enochian (angel) channelings) and the gnostic teachings.

    The Gnostics are fascinating for many reasons, but especially because they turned the biblical story of Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden onto its head. In Gnostic teachings, Yahweh is not a benevolent father-figure but a tyrant who hates Adam because he recognizes in man something lacking in himself. Yahweh is not the supreme creator but was himself created by the Mother of Heaven, without the consent of the highest Source. Adam and Eve did not sin by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, but merely regained a portion of their birthright -- gnosis, the transcendent awareness of the gods, that Yahweh so jealously tried to hide from them. The Serpent in the Garden is not the villain of Gnostic myth but the hero who liberates mankind from the sleep of ignorance cast over us by Yahweh.

    From a Gnostic perspective, Lucifer did no evil when he rebelled against the authority of Yahweh. Lucifer is analogous in some respects to the figure of Sophia (Wisdom) in Gnosticism, a beautiful goddess who risks everything to convey the light of heaven to mankind, so that humanity can be redeemed from its torment at the hands of Yahweh and can resume its rightful place in heaven. All that we need to become gods is to open our eyes, to receive the light that Lucifer bears to us.

    You might want to study a little about the Gnostic teachings. When you think about it, this inversion of the story of Adam and Eve makes a lot of good sense. Why should knowledge be sinful? Why should Adam and Eve have been punished for seeking to learn the difference between good and evil? Why was it better that they remain as playthings for Yahweh in Eden, forever ignorant of their true potential, their true godhood, their true destiny? The Serpent brought them wisdom, a quality for which it is noted above all the beasts of the earth in every culture. The serpent is wisdom, the dragon is fire and lifeforce.

    In the early centuries of the present Christian era the Church did its level best to completely obliterate all traces of Gnostic teachings. It mounted a highly effective propaganda campaign to smear anything to do with the Gnostics -- until recent archaeological finds, most of what we knew about the Gnostics came from diatribes against them in the writings of the Church Fathers.

    The keynote of the Age of Pisces, the Christian Age, and Crowley's Age of Osiris (which are all the same) is obedience. Gnosticism could not be tolerated by the Church because it taught freedom from dogma and the attainment of a personal gnosis of God. Lucifer had to be condemned and slandered and heaped over with lies and filth by the Church Fathers because he was a symbol of rebellion against established authority. For the same reason during the Dark Ages and Middle Ages the Church could do nothing other than attempt to exterminate so-called heretics or terrify them into silence. It had to burn and ban the books of philosophers, to threaten scientists such as Galileo with torture, because it knew instinctively, as a collective organism, that to release its stranglehold on the imagination of humanity even for an instant was to lose its absolute authority forever.

    But the old age is coming to an end. The keynote of the new Age of Aquarius, the Gnostic Age, and Crowley's Age of Horus (which are all the same) is freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of action. Crowley's dictum, received with his inspired document The Book of the Law (ironic title, that!) was "Every man and every woman is a star." The stars were regarded in ancient times as the dwelling places of the gods, and according to Gnostic teachings mankind will ascend to the stars, its former home and its birthright, with the attainment of gnosis. Crowley was saying, Every man and woman is a god -- if not by their present condition, at least by their inherent potential.

    To Christians, Yahweh is the supreme source of creation, and the angels and men are his creations, completely distinct and very far below him; but to the Gnostics Yahweh is merely one of the Archons, the leader of this hierarchy of spiritual beings, but no different from them in his essential nature. This view still survives in the Old Testament book Genesis when God says, presumably to other beings similar to himself, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness" (Genesis 1:26). One of the names of God is Elohim, yet this is a plural form, not a singular, that really means "gods."

    To Christians the Serpent in the Garden of Eden brought evil upon mankind, bondage to the desires and frailties of the flesh; to Gnostics it carried with it gnosis, the seed of ultimate freedom in the spirit.

    Who can doubt that our present culture is essentially Gnostic in its aspirations? What higher virtues are there than knowledge, and the pursuit of knowledge? All that is brightest and best in humankind is straining with every bit of its resolve and endurance to achieve truth. I might argue that science is a self-limiting and unbalanced mechanism for this attainment, but I would never dispute the nobility of the quest. We are reaching for the stars, just as we were instructed to in Gnostic teachings some eighteen hundred years ago.

    I believe that the leader of the rebellion in heaven, call him what you will -- Coronzon or Lucifer or Prometheus -- has been gravely slandered and libeled, has been heaped over with so many lies and so much hateful propaganda for two thousand years that hardly the little finger of his hand is still visible beneath the pile of filth that covers him. But I also believe that he will one day emerge from this pile and stand resplendent, once again the crowned serpent of gnosis, once again the glorious, beautiful Light-bearer of heaven, the champion of mankind, the symbol of truth.

    It is the method of propaganda to accuse a victim of vices that are exactly the opposite of his nature. Lucifer, angel of light, was accused of bringing darkness; angel of truth, of sowing lies; bringer of eternal life, of causing soul-death; unbearably beautiful, of being ugly; the highest angel of heaven, of being the lowest of hell; the champion of freedom, of seeking to enslave humanity; the instrument of salvation, of tempting to sin; the wisest of angels, of encouraging ignorance.

    I have no doubt that the Christian Satan exists on some astral plane. He has been examined and debated and written about for so many centuries, the collective subconscious thoughts and dreams of humanity must have given him existence. He is a terrible sort of egregore -- a spiritual being created by the thoughts of many human beings. But this Satan of Christianity is not the Lucifer of heaven, the Light-bearer. This angel still survives, unbowed and undefeated, in obscure Gnostic tracts and Hermetic writings and occult doctrines. And, very rarely, in the minds and hearts of living human beings.

    I regard this heroic version of Coronzon as Kabbalistically equivalent to the Gnostic Abraxas and to the Meithras of the Romans. He is the crowned serpent Chnoubis, the renewer of life, upon one of whose amulets is written "I, even I, am the Good Spirit" (see Budge, Amulets and Talismans, page 205). By "good spirit" the Agathodemon is intended -- the good genius that is echoed in modern Western occultism by the Holy Guardian Angel.

    To gain a sense of what I am driven at, you must realize that I do not accept Lucifer as the Christian Church presents this angel. Nor do I accept Coronzon as the Enochian angels presented him. I believe that Aleister Crowley did not have a vision of Coronzon, but of a demon of confusion and deception that masqueraded as Coronzon to deceive him as to the true nature of this being. Since Crowley had already accepted without question the Golden Dawn opinion as to the nature of Coronzon, this deception was easy, because it was what Crowley expected to receive. Crowley expected a demon whose name sums 333, and he got it; but the name of Coronzon sums 365.

    If Coronzon were actually as false and hateful and destructive as the spirit who presented itself in the guise of Coronzon in Crowley's vision of the Tenth Aethyr, I would be quick to revile him along with everyone else. Similarly, if Lucifer were as false and wicked as the Christian Church pretends, I would regard him as a very unpleasant angel worth avoiding. But my own view is that both Lucifer and Coronzon (who are one and the same being) have been victims of the most effective campaign of character assassination that the world has ever seen. The work of Joseph Goebbels during the Third Reich can't hold a candle to the work of Christian bishops, when it comes to negative propaganda.

    I regard Coronzon as the true angelic name of the first rebel against dogma and entrenched authority. Before Lucifer rebelled, all was harmony in heaven. What does this really mean, when we come to think about it? It means that everyone did exactly what they were told to do without any doubt, without an original thought, without a single dissenting voice, for an eternity. No angel ever wondered if there might be a better way, or if they did, they kept it carefully hidden. Then, one day, Lucifer stood up amid the heavenly choir and said: That's enough, I choose to think for myself, to act on what I believe, to do what I know is right. I'm not going to be the good soldier anymore. Wipe your feet somewhere else -- this doormat is taking a walk.

    And he was punished for it, just as Prometheus was punished by Zeus for having the audacity to act on his own behalf and give the gift of fire to humanity. Just as the Watchers of the Hebrew Book of Enoch were punished when they taught humanity the arts and sciences, after descending to earth to engender children on mortal women. And as Adam and Eve were punished for seeking to be like gods, knowing good and evil. And as the builders of the Tower of Babel were punished for reaching upward toward the stars.

    I don't expect you to change your view about the nature of Coronzon -- or Lucifer either, for that matter. What I have done here is present my own thinking on this subject. For me, Coronzon is a symbol of freedom and wisdom, a symbol of rebellion and independence. He is not an angel of lies, but an angel of truth who has had his character assassinated in the most deliberate and complete fashion over a course of thousands of years, with the hope that no trace of his true nature would ever become know. He languishes in the darkness of his prison, just as Prometheus suffers, in a mythic sense, upon the rock of the Caucasus, unknown and unloved by the race he tried to help.

    Donald Tyson

  • Ibeleive, many thanks for sharing all this knowledge !

    Asia, please do not feel bad about anything, when good natured and mature people exchange ideas and beliefs there are no misunderstandings.

    As for the age of aquarius i'm lovin it already ! Whether it turns out to be a stairway to heaven or a highway to hell, let's rock !!

  • Seehorse,

    You Rock!!!

  • Mah Gawd Ibeleive, now i'm blushing !!! Thanks ! Seriously now, you wanna know who really Rocks ? Tooter ! Jusy check out his latest post on "why would God create to condemn" thread. I can't believe it. The guy has it all figured out, but lets keep it between us. If what he proposes can really work, he could end up assassinated !!

  • Thank you for sharing that Ibelieve. Quite the eye opener!

  • PH,

    Your welcome. I came across it accidentally (if you believe in accidents). Anyway, it WAS an eye opening experience for me. I had never really seen any of it in that light before.

    Seehorse, yes, I read Tooters message, it mirrors in some extent the one printed here as well. It's quite interesting synchronisities and we can all come to it from different directions. I have heard for several years now that the catholic church and the protestant are trying to figure out how to tell their followers that jeasus was and enlightened MAN with out their flock losing their faith or devolving into a spin off just to maintain what they had been raised to believe.

    Some of it is driven in keeping the "Religion" intact but there are many church fathers/mothers that are truly spiritual and want to speak from that higher place. Their problem is to "come out" with the truth that was buried so long ago and they were stuck with and yet not place all the souls under their care into an complete loss of faith and belief or as I said to lose them to a degenerated version rather than be brought to a higher place.

    I can see their conudrum, but they did set themselves up for it.

    No other religion today that I know of has a "man that was God" here on earth. They for the most part have prophets and or enlightened beings as their way to godhood. We may very well be here at this time to witness this change in belief systems and cheer the newbies on as they awaken.


  • PH,

    I forgot to add, I have it on my list on other things to study a little more indepth. I came across it because I was seeing "enochain like" symbols and had done some research into the angel alphabet and then from the crystal thread I was working on, I wanted to look up information on John Dee's crystal ball which threw me right back into the enochain stuff and the next thing I know, I'm on this site about different esoteric cultures and a list of questions the guy had answered and came full circle back to John Dee and his enochiam channelings.

    It was a weird experience. I got chills.


  • "cheer the newbies on as they awaken."

    LOVE IT! 😄

  • Well umm ibelieve, i wasn't thinking of any religious stuff when i mentioned Tooter's post. If Jesus was a man or god makes no difference. It really doesnt matter. It cannot make this world a better place. Religions have failed, i say it again. The most important concept lies within the last paragraph. Read it very carefully.......and think. If a sufficiently large portion of the population on this planet agreed to just stop buying anything non-essential for survival (just buy food and medicine) then the world economy collapses in mere days. Think about it. People have the power to DEMAND a better world, otherwise all goes down. Multinational giants, whole countries like china, basically all the @$$holes who destroy this world are on the receiving end. And this time, there is nothing they can do. Police, army, all their lapdogs are completely useless. Maybe, after thousands of years the Bible of the future will contain Tooter's teachings.....

  • Ah, yes. Now tie that in with your posts to RC Dreamer.

    As we all start waking up and thinking there are better places/things to our reasources into rather than the run out and spend it on "something I did not really need but just wanted", we will get much closer to what you are speaking of.

    Revolutions and revolutionary thinking works when it starts slow and builds momentum (like the snowball effect someone was speaking of the other day). In this way the Administration in charge/the powers that be, don't wake up and crush it before it gets started or firmly set in the minds of the many.

    We are getting there.

  • You're so right Ibeleive. It's just in my nature to get easily excited. All good things require patience which is not my strong point. Fire Horse, what would you expect?

  • Absolutely. I get all fired up as well, sometimes going off half co'cked in my enthusiasm. But yes, I like the energy raising, It's all good and it all helps raise others.

    I love hearing others perspectives as well, they make me think.


  • very powerful material ibelieve!!! I have read a little on the gnostics & I for one never believed that snakes were evil. But everyone around me runs screaming when they see one and I just have to laugh especially when they tell me when I pick them up & move them but your a girl get one of the guys to move the evil creature closed minds cannot learn & they follow like lemins right off the cliff never questions anything so sad for them

  • Love the material Ibelieve wonderful information! I always love learning something new! And Seehorse I saw you sign whewww lot to work with lol but hey we're all human and astrology doesnt completely sum us up all together you seem like a pretty ok guy all around 🙂

  • Yeah well, i'm not exactly like most astrology sites describe the Fire Horse, Asia . I have many of its traits but my western sign is Pisces, i think that mellows me down (just a bit mind you lol).

    But its really better to imagine yourself as a horse than a carp haha. One thing is for certain every individual is the sum of many things. We should never judge a person by his/her sign.

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