Feng Shui tips of all kinds!?

  • Would be amazingly helpful. 😄

  • Here are my opinions: Some my be duplicating what I have shared in other boards regarding Feng Shui.

    Clear clutter and get rid of things you no longer use or love. You need a good clear foundation to work with before implementing Feng Shui. This is a good time to have garage sales and to pass things on.

    Use intention. Write down goals for yourself, say it out loud, read about it if you don't know how to use intention. There is a good site for this: www.intenders.org (sorry earlier I gave the wrong site to someone but this is the correcct site) Boy, things really pick up when using intention.

    It's hard to weed through all different schools. Some of the material out there is complicated but here are some good resources to get started:

    www.space-lift.com - she has good videos on imposing the map on to your home and property. She does a good job explaining the bagua.

    Any books by Terrah Kathryn Collins. She has a great book for beginners, titled, Western Guide to Feng Shui. I like it that she uses case studies and has great pictures.

    Like anything start with the basics and then go from there.

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