Please help me with Taurus male

  • I dont know which way to go, if you can help I would be eternally grateful. I have been seeing a tarus male for 6 months and am overwhemingly in love. He treats me great we never argue and everything should be good. But something is not right. He is secretive about his where abouts and often disappears on weekends. He tells me he is working when I know he is not. He says he is best friends with his ex but but instincts tell me its more. This is not a jealousy thing. I want to ask him why I feel something is not right and let him know that if im caught in a triangle that he needs to tell me so I can step out of it. How to I confront this without alienating him? Is there something going on or is it just his nature to be a closed book. This is affecting every area of my life and it has come to the stage that I have to put it to bed one way or another.

  • Yes, if someone is outright lying to you, there is definitely something wrong in the relationship. I know this may be hard, but you have to either confront him straight out to his face about the fact of his lying or tell him you want to step back from the relationship so he can make up his mind what he wants. Or both...his reaction will tell you a lot. Be firm and hold your ground - don't let him sway you with sweet words. You will just fall back into the same misery if you let this pass. I know it's scary that you may lose him but, if he is cheating or lying to you about his ex, then it's not a good relationship and in the end you will be hurt far worse if you just let his behaviour go without taking a stand. He is treating you this way because you let him get away with it.

  • Thankyou I know you are right. I am hoping to have the courage to do this tonight. Half of me wants to let it go but I hate the way I feel every day. I am not the fun person he met anymore. Thank you again.

  • Good luck - let me know how you go.

  • Well I chickened out again after he cooked me a lovely dinner. I just dont believe that he could be so good to me and also sneak around at the same time. He is a Taurus and I am a Libra. When asked how he feels about me he says he likes my company and enjoys spending time with me and that was it, no more information. A pyschic told me he has someone else as well as his ex that he is working on.

    I keep making up my mind to talk to him and then at the last minute thinking I will just wait and see what happens. He does not like talking about feelings or private thoughts and will not like the conversation. If nothing is going on why is he so secretive? I know I must do something as it is making me ill and my children and job are suffering. I think may be I know the answer he will give me and that is what I keep delaying.

  • Actions speak louder than words or a cooked meal. This guy knows how to get around you.

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