• This is more of a consensus than anything. But, it is also to confirm my suspicion that the spring time holds a spiritual significance.

    For some reason, I personally have not put my finger on, during the spring time... mainly March and April... I am drawn towards the past.

    To be more specific (and personal)... during the spring months, I tend to seek out my mother's family. She committed suicide when I was very young and I was cut off from her side of the family right after her death. I never got to know their names, anything about her or them.... nothing. While she was born and died in Nov and I was born in Nov, I never was able to connect the spring time with her and why I would feel a strong need to seek out her family, my past, etc. However, every March/April, I seem to start searching, sort of out of the blue. I acutally never noticed my pattern until this year.

    So, this year, I finally was able to connect with two of my mother's sisters. I had asked one of them what the significance of spring was and why I always felt a pull towards finding out about my past. Here was her response...

    "As far as the spring is concerned, I don't know if there is a tangable reason for your feelings, but I too feel a pull to all things past in the spring..I like to think of it as my new beginning every year."

    So.. personal stuff aside... do other people feel this same pull during the spring?

    Just wondering, and thanks if you decide to reply. 🙂

  • A lot of folks do because it is like a New Year or New beginnings in some cultures.

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