• Relationship reading please DOB-10-15-81 and his 9-4-76....Intense instant connection but he ran...It was just like how they describe the twin souls when they first meet and how there might be a seperation...Is it time to move on?? Or is he coming back??

  • Your friend is a bit of an enigma, isn't he? You two may love each other but you don't make good friends. However your relationship gives off an enthusiastic youthful impression, putting other people at ease. It has the kind of verve and dash that will make it effective in helping you to achieve your career ambitions, Krsgriff. Your friend is an excellent foil for your outgoing personality, and can prove invaluable when serving as your advisor or helpmate. The problem here will be staying relaxed, for your friend has a nervous side and he may be unable to handle the pressures to which you expose him. Should he withdraw, or show signs of stress, the relationship's aspirations may be in danger and you may feel helpless to do anything about it.

    A love affair here can sweep both of you off your feet. Impetuosity can prove a problem but, even if things don't work out in the long run, the memory of a natural and uninhibited love affair will remain. There can also be irresponsibility here, not only as a pair towards the outside world but to each other as well. There is an inability to come through for each other in times of need and your arguments can reveal a certain immaturity. Your friend can get annoyed with what he sees as your flightiness or periodic indecision.

    No, this is not a twin soul match. It may have been a soulmate match but soulmates do not necessarily remain together. Soulmates are here to teach each other a lesson, evem if it's a painful one, and when that is learnt, they move on, possibly for good.

    Just go on with your life. If he comes back, fine, but don't waste your time waiting around. There will still be the same problems to sort out if he does come back so it won't necessarily be a bed of roses for you.

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