Which door to use

  • Hi, I live in the upstairs part of an old house. It's a duplex, with a tenant downstairs. Our entry doors are placed side by side in the downstairs part of the house, and we both have our own foyers. Mine leads to a staircase that goes up and then over to the left, where the door to my apartment sits. Do I use my downstairs door into the foyer as my main door when consulting the bagua map, or do I use the door that actually leads into my apartment?

    And, is it possible to feng shui each room in its own individual way by using each doorway rather than using the main one into the apartment?

    Thanks, I hope this makes sense.

  • Use your entrance to your apartment. If you are going to do (Feng Shui) the entire building then you would use the first door that you and your tenant downstairs use. However I would washing down your main door and use some sea salt like about 1/2 cup then wash down, oil the hinges and fix anything that needs to be fixed. Remove any clutter by the entrance. Do this for all door in your home. Hence, open your doors to opportunity.

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