My birthday Tarot reading

  • Hello, Today is my birthday and I need help reading my Tarot cards/spread, I somewhat understand the cards, but what I need help with is the combination of the cards. Would someone please take a quick look at this spread and let me know what it means I would appriciate all the help I can get. My question was--will I become finacially secure soon? I am just barely surviving financially.

    Near future -- Knight of wands

    Blocks and inhibitions -- Ten of wands

    Allies -- Page of wands

    Advice -- Four of cups

    Long term potential --Page of swords

    Self -- Five of coins

    Situation -- Queen of coins

    Challenges -- Ace of swords

    Foundation -- Queen of cups

    Recent past -- Ace of Wands

    High power -- Ten of Coins

    birthday 4-01-1958

    Thank-you in advance for reading my cards and explaining them to me.

    Yours Truly,


  • Near future -- Knight of wands Trave/changel in regards to work.

    Blocks and inhibitions -- Ten of wands Burn out. Burdened. energy levels are low.

    Allies -- Page of wands Positive news coming with in regards to employment.

    Advice -- Four of cups Learn to say no. Learn to trust your decisions more. Be more

    Long term potential --Page of swords self mastery can be achieved with discipline

    Self -- Five of coins Depressed over money issues. You feel down and isolated. Look at everything you have and be grateful for it, you will start to see thing differently once you look at what you have instead of what you don't have.

    Situation -- Queen of coins Money issues

    Challenges -- Ace of swords try to stick to a budget.

    Foundation -- Queen of cups Emotional spender.

    Recent past -- Ace of Wands The beginning of something in the physical or spiritual.

    High power -- Ten of Coins Success if self discipline is applied.

  • Hello and Happy Birthday....

    The cards are showing that you have the potential to get yourself out of your situation, but success lies in your ability to change your thinking and pluck up the courage to do something about it. The Queen of Cups in your foundation is about you being depressed, overly emotional and even dependent on others for your emotional security. The 5 of Coins as the Self shows a lack of faith and feeling down and out. The Ace of Swords as your challenge is about changing your thinking - gaining clarity and cutting through the confusion as well as a need for a new burst of energy. The current situation - Queen of Coins - means that you need to become the shrewd business manager...take matters into your own hands, look for, create and seize opportunity. Ten of Wands as your blocks/inhibitions is once again showing your depressed state and feeling down and out and even oppressed. The "Allies" position is really your environment and the Page of Wands in this position suggests that there is an opportunity for something new but you need to be the catalyst for change by being positive and taking action. The 4 of Cups as advice is telling you to shed your lethargy and apathy and replace it with optimism. It also suggests that you may be failing to see help that is being offered or opportunities that are coming your way. The Knight of Wands in your near future is a crossroads. You will have a decision to make. Based on the other cards I believe the decision will be to maintain your outlook/beliefs (and subsequent results) about yourself and life or to shed this thinking that limits you and choose to move forward. Also, this card as well as the Page of Swords suggests that you will need to utilize your rational mind and shrewdness as you may encounter some things along the way that are NOT what's best for you. This is about becoming a strong and intelligent woman who can stand on her own two feet and standing up for yourself when the occasion calls for it. YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck!



    P.S. May I suggest that you change your "happybutlonely" name? Remember the Law of Attraction!!!

  • Thank-you Daangala and Watergirl18 for the explanation of my cards. You are right on about being depressed about my finacial state and the only way that I will get out of this is to stay positive, work hard and listen to my self to move forward. Yes, I am the one that got my self into the financial crunch and I am taking steps to get my self out of it. I am going to start doing yoga and eat healthy so I feel better everyday. A positive outlook on my day to day activities and especially a positive mental attitude with my job. I have a good job and I have worked hard to get to my position and I need to work harder to reach a new level. I needed a boost of confidence and you helped me understand that I am the only one in control of my future. Yes, I am going to do this and be successful, wish me luck.



    P.S. I tried to change my name, but I am unable to find out how to do it. Yes, I agree a name change would be very appropriate for me.

  • Good luck, Happy 🙂 You can do it!

  • You're welcome! Sending you lots of energy to help you come through this challenge with flying colors. Just send an email to admin about changing your the bottom of the screen you can click on "contact us" to send them an email.



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