Insight on my virgo man, am i delusional?

  • His birthday is september 6th. Mine is april 14th.

    We have been together since beginning of july 2010. Started off great as it usually does,. We both love eachother( or so he says, he just has a different way of showing it being a virgo and me being an aries) and have built a great bond. he started doing this dissapearing thing where i wouldnt hear from him for awhile and would worry about him, he had beeen staying with me. He blamed it on work etc. It started to become a problem for me so i told him how i felt about it when i didnt see him for long periods of time without contact, he realized his fault now maintains contact via phone/text. I will see him for like a week straight lately then not at all for 1-2 weeks even 3 before! I was about to break up with him but then he and i had a serious conversation he said he does love me and he doesn't even realize when so much time has gone by when he's travelling from city to city(electrician) working and he thinks he has a "problem". I understand he has deep trust issues and i try my best to show him i can be trusted, but it really makes it hard being in a relationship with somebody who isnt phsyically around, which of course also makes me question my trust in him.

    I do want a future with him and we discussed it before i told him on a few occasions i need a reliable man who actually wants a future. so he knows where i stand.

    He also has a child with another women from years ago, she doesnt let him see the child and is constantly posting sad love songs, writing poems about she wish they could be a family etc. It was really bothering me and i chose to be mature about it and not say anthing to her but i mentioned to him it was pissing me off and he said it just shows he doesnt see her at all and that he's with me and she's just trying to get a reaction. I dont believe its gonna stop unless he says something, i do not even know if she knows me and him are serious she has just seen me once.

    Frankly i dont even know whats real or not at this point. This is just the weirdest relationship ive been in and i really care for him and would like to build a future with him as he says he wants as well. For someone who's so controlling/possesive of me when he's around he just dissapears to go "work" for weeks and says it shouldnt change anything. Am i just being delusional and this is actually as retarted as i think it is, or is this just typical virgo behaviour, because it seems kind of odd.

  • I can say this in all honesty, when a man is in love with someone he cares for deeply there is nothing he wont do to spend as much time as he can to please her and show his undieing loveto her, his trust issues my be true but his dissapearing act shows another side of how he deals with his true problems and control issues having you wait for long periods of time your in limbo hanging on to dreams he cant handle.. you have a choice, drive yourself crazy or leave....I loved someone very dearly for 9 years gave her all you could ever want only to find she had an affair on me, when i confronted her her reply was she couldnt understand why i loved her so much... my reply was she was everything i ever wanted in a wife, friend and a lover... I was heart broken but I left her in 5 hours quit my job and moved away as i never wanted to be reminded of seeing her with my good friend and a family member....they loss everything.......

  • Does he call you when he is away? Miss Aries?

    If you're feeling insecure discuss this with him?

    Not sure about this behaviour, being a Virgo female I tend to be attentive with people I really care about. Maybe he is just busy?

    Or maybe a little taste of his own medicine is in order, perhaps he just doesn't realise how it feels to be cut off for a while from someone you care about.

    Hoping it all works out for you x x x x

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