Numbers 122 or 22 are everything a hear, see everyday!!!

  • My name is Stephanie, I am 31 years old. Last year in may I was surrounded by 5's then June came and brought the #122 to me now mostly 22.

    What is behind it? If its my Angels sending my a message I don't understand. I see it so much. I have this feeling like I am in the middle of something huge and that I have the answers to many things but I don't know why or what it is. My family thinks I am going nuts! I can feel energy now,in vibrations around me. I can hear it some times, I have been having premonitions. Seeing shadows. I feel crummy alot too with bad headaches. Please help.

  • I don't know if i can be of any help as i am new to all this spiritual stuff. Maybe it has something to do with numerology, as 22 is a Master Number, in fact it is considered by many to be the most powerful number. Would you like to tell us your date of birth ?

  • hi , i always see 1222 or 222 or 22 and my birthday is 12 22 1963 . i often wonder myself why .... maybe its like owning a jeep and then you notice all jeeps ?

  • oh yeah , sorry I forgot to post this in my original message. My birthday is 12-01-1979 born @ 12:31pm in sierra madre ,ca

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