Any inputs please

  • I was wondering if anyone can do a quick reading for me on a particular situation. I just got out of a bad relationship(abusive one) and reconnected with an old friend. After a few days of finding out I was out of that old relationship, he confessed to me of how he felt for so long and had kept it to himself. I have always been able to talk to him and have always felt very comfortable around him. He is however a bit older than me. I do think the world of him, but I do wonder what the cards hold. I would appreciate anything that anyone could tell me. I am trying to listen to my intuition. My D. O. B. 11/20/63 scorpio His 9/9/49 virgo

  • just hoping someone can help me out on this. I have been hurt so bad in the past.

  • Hello Irishelf,

    You can count on this man to be there for you in anyway that you want him to be and on any level that you want to take it in the love area. I feel that you are ready for the love you are about to receive from this man. Please leave the past behind you and don't talk a lot about it, just move forward and find peace within, and it will shine through you to others. I also feel here that you will be moving residence if you have not already , a nice home feels like woods are around it and I see redwood colors around this home. You are stepping into a new life patteron, one in which will lead you to being the happious you have ever been.


  • Thank you SO MUCH, Shuabby! If him and I do get together, It IS highly likely that a move for both of us would be very likely. As it is for now, I am staying with an uncle. And my Virgo has suggested finding a "better place" to live.

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