Need a reading. Dont know if I did the right thing.

  • He is a Cancer. 7/5 I am a Leo. 8/7

    Any advice appreciated... Please

    Over the last 6 months my friend and I have gotten closer. In Feb and March we took two trips together where we acted like a couple in love. It is completely clear to me that I am in love with him, it is not so clear to him. I am one for taking it slow, but we weren’t just weaving in and out of friends and something more.. whenever we got too close he would blow me off and I could not take the running away. Sunday night he came over and we cooked dinner and were having a great night. Well, until I started talking ). I told him that I wanted to do what was healthiest for us and if we were careless with what we had we would break it. So we could be friends and truly friends only or we could take it to the next level and see where it goes. (The Leo in me needs that consistency). That I was not comfortable in the gray area and did not want FWB. He said he did not want a relationship right now with anyone (translate.. with me). That he was worried though that he would lose the best thing that has happened to him. I said I thought we should take a break from each other with no contact for a month to hit the reset button and come back as friends only. He didn’t like that idea, but I felt that if we did not take a break we would say friends only and then in a week or more be back coupley and then he would blow me off and the cycle would continue.

    I did pull a complete romantic comedy move (Leo!) and when he left after ten minutes I got upset. I texted him to turn around. He came running back into the house and hugged and kissed me, but then said he had to go home to sleep in his own bed. (Not the traditional romantic comedy ending).

    Two days later he posts this on facebook. My spidey senses were tingling. I think it has to do with me, because if not why would he ever post such a thing in the situation we are in?

    "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

    I don't know what to do with this Cancer. I want him to break the silence because he loves me, in my dramatic Leo fashion. But, realistically, if he doesnt want a relationship it truly means he is just not in love with me. period. Move on.

  • Please!!! and thank you!!!!!!

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