• Hi everyone! I haven't been on here for awhile. I hope I'm putting this in the right thread. πŸ™‚ I know I'm kind of fishing in the dark, but I'm hoping the right people will read this.

    I explored this last year with some of you on here. I'm an intuitive empath. This gift/ability still controls my life as I have not been able to learn how to build my barrier and cover my 'eye' when I need to. I'm hoping I can reconnect with those of you that have this ability.

    One of the 'abilities' of an empath is being able to tell when someone else says they have the same ability, when they only really have a more shallow version of the ability. I understand there are different levels. I've looked into a few "empath" communities, but have apparently not found the right ones to meet my needs as I have more of a deeper ability than some people... and about lost it when one guy said he became an empath after he had some kind of surgery. While I am not judging, these are not the people I'm looking to connect with... I would prefer the more seasoned empaths and the people that struggle with the same problems that I have.

    I just recently found out from my mother's sister than I come from a long line of evangelicals, gypsies, and self-described mediums. I did not know this, but knew my abilities had roots. While I have not explored any of these other abilities and where they fall within my family, I do know that my mother was an empath as well. Her other abilities I do not know as she committed suicide when I was very young. I do have other abilities, none of which I've really tried to hone, and seem very small when compared to my empath ability.

    I hope someone will answer who can help. I've tried other communities, but I keep coming back to this one... probably because I've interacted with a few of the regulars before and know they are genuine. πŸ™‚

    Anyways, I hope someone can help. Thanks!

  • Hmm this is rather interesting I curious to know what exactly an empath because empathic (and also when you used the word intuitive) and intuitive are words many use to describe me? Does that mean I may be an empath? Can you explain it to me further? πŸ™‚ thanks

  • Hi Asia118X! Well, all I can really offer is some definitions. I hope some of the other empaths will help out.

    The basic definition of empathy is the capability to share another person's emotions and feelings. Now, that is a basic human response. Almost all of us can tell when someone is upset either by just looking at them or talking to them, more so if we are close to the person. I say 'almost' because there are some people that are incapable of feeling other's emotions. lol

    By definition, intuitive means "a natural tendency to see clearly."

    Ok, so to be an intuitive empath means to take the above definitions and to intensify them to a more deeper level.

    Here's another definition of an intuitive empath... An individual who is particularly sensitive to the psychic emanations of his or her surroundings, even to a degree of telepathically receiving and experiencing the emotions of others in their proximity.

    The only way to tell if you have this ability, in my opinion, is to do some searching.

    This probably didn't help much, but I hope it did. πŸ™‚

  • what are you looking for gotnotym4play? If you are trying to build barriers I found that when it gets extremely "noisy" as I call it I will wear a crystal pendant & if at all possible I go outside to the woods or beach to focus & block . The capt posted on one of the forums & I cant remember which one (to early in the morn :)) some very good ideals if I can locate it I will let you know what thread it is under.

  • Woww that's very interesting I think I definetly might be one! Very interesting because I have these abilities especially the one where you can tell peoples emotions by thier body language and eyes. Well at least we have something in common! Nice meeting you Notymetoplay πŸ™‚ I noticed you are a Scorpio. I was wondering if you could give me some insight to an old situation of mine (even though Im getting to the point where I don't care anymore) with an ex. It's in my forum entitled Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings. I would really appreciate it thank you so much!

  • gotnotyme4play,

    I have visited several sites and communities. Some are good but do not have enough interaction or they disapear. Some information can be found by searching for "sensitive" or "highly sensitive" as that is one of the newer terms rather than empath. empathy is so tied up with health care givers that the newer term sometimes gets better results.

    One of the better site I visited though is under Hope they can help clear up some questions. I personally closed down so long ago, I never learned to sheld and be open at the same time. I'm working on just those problems myself at this point. I can still use my gift even shutting out everyone on a conscious level, the infor is still there on a subconscious level. I'm trying to open up to people from a distance first and will try it on a face to face level when I am ready but not right now.

    What I found out is that for the most part one needs to be (and I know it sounds silly but...) more sensitive. But one must learn to feel without taking on the emotion for oneself. To be able to separate the two.


  • I've been told I'm a very strong empath. I actually despise being an empath because it makes me feel emotions I would rather not feel. I am also very intuitive so they seem to go hand in hand.

    My grandmother was a very spiritual woman (so my mom says). She used to perform exorcisms for people but she also liked to explore other religions. When I was younger, she visited me in a dream but I don't remember what we talked about.

    I heard that you can buy special stones and other trinkets to protect yourself.

  • This is very cool I never knew there was such a thing as empaths! This is amazing because I feel Im a very intuitive empath but I guess I must read up on it to be sure. Nice meeting you all Im glad we share something in common! I was wondering if anyone on hear could help me with my thread Taurus Girl ConfusedAbout Feelings Id really appreciate just tocompare the vibes I get from this situation. Thank you all god bless πŸ™‚

  • Sorry I disappeared for a few days. lol I've been sick and had to work and neither let me get back to the forum. 😞

    @Shadowmist... Yes, I do want/need to learn how to build my barriers. I know TheCaptain has a lot of good advice. I had talked to her last year about some of this stuff. I will have to find her in the threads to see what she advises about this. Also, I never thought about a pendant, or are they called talismans? I'll have to look into that. One thing I have practiced in the past is meditation (to me is just sitting quietly and clearing my head). It has worked in general, but in more crowded situations, the "noise" is very overwhelming.

    @Asia118X.... I will find your thread and see if I can help. Keep in mind, though, I am not a psychic and I may not be able to help much at all. But, I will sure try. πŸ™‚

    @ Ibelieve.... I completely agree! A lot of the sites I've found have not been helpful at all! Just the other day, I had someone tell me in one community that I it is a disgrace that I can't just accept my 'gift' and live with it. Not at all the feedback I was looking for! I also agree that the term "empath" has become very much associated with the healthcare community. But, I will definitely check out the site you suggested. After reading your comment, I think we are very much alike! What you said it true. One of my biggest problems is that I do take on other people's emotions and then direct them towards myself. Definitely have some learning to do!

    @ReeseyReese... I know what you mean. They both go hand in hand, and seem to compliment each other.

  • Thanks I sincerly appreciate it! And just for future reference, Im going to continue to look up

    this empath thing it is very intriguing!

  • Gotnotyme4play,

    I’ve gotten bit so many times when I do open up face to face, I am definitely squeamish. So although I have done some shielding work and I am comfortable with it, I still have trepidations about actually trying it. (Yeah, I’m facing my fears only internally but don’t want to get on with the actual practice.) At this stage it is still a little difficult as I get to much information and that is where I gat bitten. I let it all out and people get put off, cause they realize they did not tell me all of it. Then they want to get out of the conversation real fast and I rarely have contact with them afterwards. So I guess some of my problem is distinguishing what I get internally vs what I am physically hearing. And then only acting on what I hear unless they wish to open up more.

    I mean, if I was offering services and they expected some other insight that’s fine but in a regular day to day conversation, its just not what they were expecting and wow, its amazing how fast they can come up with an excuse to leave. Then I go and chide myself again for not being aware of what I was doing.


  • PS,

    I was thinking of shortening your user name to Got-4play but that seemed too much like the "Got Milk" commercial so then I thought G-4play but that wasn't much better. LOL

  • Thanks for the advice gotnotymetoplay! I sent you a response (another question lol) in my other thread I sent you-didnt want to be rude and ruin this one lol

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