Advice on #01182038

  • I keep getting recurring emails from this date in time. Can any one who is in to numerology interpret this number? 01/18/2038

    Thank you

    Peace and Unity

  • It is the date the computer language UNIX rolls over - ie - it is hard coded in the language and it is similar to Y2K - the language effectively will stop working properly

  • see -

    it's geeky but will highlight.

    Thoelogically it is based on 128 Bits which I think is 128 x 8 x 8 where 8 is a bit the basic building block of compute memory. 8 is lucky in chinese and the date may go 18/01/2038 (UK date format) starting for 01/01/1970 128 Bytes of seconds take you to 18/01/2038

    It could be that inadvertently the date is significant for other reasons but as you are getting from the a web computer it is teh date that is put in when it cannot resolve a date

    PS I am a pisces - honest

  • LOL,

    Yea I understand the tech part.

    I've been getting this date for a few years.

    The strange thing is my roomie who entered my life a little over a year ago. Has a grandchild born January 18Th. First I don't believe in coincidences. And we thought it to be a bit odd her grandchild's birthday and all.

    Peace and Unity

  • That would mean God did indeed have a plan

  • Not sure what it means but I read somewhere that sometimes we receive communication from future. I had a few occassions where the phone rang looking for someone that never lived with us or lived where we were. being curious I wrote the name and a few years later or so, I met this person due to some big or difficult circumstances, such as I needed help in financial and legal aid for example. I never told anyone about it, including the very people I met. I just thought that either divine or myself in the future is just trying to help.

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