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  • Hello PisceanHealer,

    Of course I would love to know about the donkey, tiger and horse and why they're white if you may teach me 🙂

    Sorry I had to make a new threat as not to take over the other one.

    Please answer whenever you feel like it 🙂

    Thank You PisceanHealer

  • Hello SunCappyGirl,

    Just to let you know I've seen the thread (good idea to start a new one btw) and I will reply as soon as I get some free time. Got some paid writing work to do for someone today so it probably won't be until much later in the day or tomorrow.

    Love and light,


  • it's ok 😄

    please take your time, thank you for wanting to share your knowledge with me in

    the first place.

    Much gratitude!

  • Hello again SunCappyGirl,

    In case you weren't aware, Native Americans believe that all animals carry a lesson or medicine for us humans to benefit from. Each animal has many lessons, often overlapping with other animals, e.g Wolf and Dog both teach us the medicine of loyalty. But each animal carries a certain medicine more prominently than any other.

    I share that belief 🙂

    So Horse. She seems to be rearing her head a lot in my life these days, online and off 🙂 Horse teaches us about Power. Specifically, Horse teaches us that compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts, talents, and abilities are the gateways to true power.

    Donkey's medicine is in patience and humility. Donkey teaches us when to use wisdom with proper timing. Knowing when to speak, what to say and to whom in other words. He also teaches us to recognise inner potential and inner fortitude. This allows Spirit to work through you and with you.

    You are actually being asked not to be complacent or content at this time, but rather to work productively. If you listen to both your head and your heart you will achieve your goals. Above all else, you are being asked to follow your intuition.

    As for Tiger. He teaches us power, devotion, tact, and skill. He signifies the beginning of a new adventure. "You are awakening to a new passion and power within, self confidence, discernment, along with increased healing abilities."

    I think if you take all these lessons or messages and put them together, you should be able to discern what Great Spirit is telling you. You are embarking on a new adventure, a new direction in your life that will open you up spiritually and put you on your path or true life's purpose. It requires some work on your part, but in honouring Horse's medicine you will achieve your own power.

    The fact that all these animals are white signifies and emphasises the Divinity in this message. White is the colour of all that is Divine, Holy, Spiritual, however you want to describe it. It may also signify that this adventure will connect you to Great Spirit and bring you peace and abundance, especially in regards to your life's work.

    But this doesn't end here. This is just my interpretation. This is just scratching the surface. As you think about these animals, you will intuit more information that is relevant to you. Pay attention to how you feel, what you see, smell, or hear. Notice any images that come to mind. You may be surprised or you may not understand, but whatever "appears" will be the right message for you. Over time, as you grow to trust your animal guides, their messages will become clearer to you.

    I hope this helps you SunCappyGirl 🙂

    ~ Marc

  • Hello Marc,

    Thank you so very much for sharing this with me 😄

    Ive also dreamed about wolves. It's two of them I believe both gray or one of them gray

    n the other one black. Although I'm always afraid of them in my dreams as they appear

    somehow violent they've never harmed me. Yes can relate to what you're saying about

    the beautiful animals 🙂 I'll think of them more often n see what images or feeling I get.

    I love Native America teachings! Thank you for sharing your time n knowledge with me Marc.

    I'm grateful 🙂

    **peace n love!

  • Wolf is the teacher and pathfinder. If they are being directly "violent" with you, they are telling you that you're failing to live up to your inner teacher. Are you afraid of what others may think if you share your life's lessons?

    Or maybe they are just trying to get your attention, urgently. They may be saying that now is the time for you to find your path. Look for teachers in your life, see who you can learn from. Which of course, you are doing by visiting these forums 🙂

  • I feel urgency, yeah I have a feeling they're trying to tell me that it's time to find my path 😄

    Thank You Marc 🙂

    Yes indeed there's many wonderful teachers here! Thank you

    so much for sharing with me :))

    lots of love~~

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