Free Karma Coins Game!

  • Just thought I'd post this to make sure no one overlooked it on the home page but now has a cute little arcade game where you can collect free karma coins. It's not hard to do and so far there aren't any set number of "men" which means you can keep getting killed but stay at the same level and not lose your karma coin points.

    I tried it a few minutes ago and got 290 out of 400 karma coin points but that translated to 36 REAL karma coins that I cashed into my account. Took me about 30 minutes to get through the whole game. You can play more than once but you can only cash in your karma coin points once a week. Looks like you could play the game everyday or even several times a day, rack up points, then cash them out. Of course, you'll need to be signed in.

    It's a lot of fun and a quick way to get more coins.

    Check out the link here:

    If that doesn't work just go to the home page, click on the Help Find the Cosmic Reporter link, then click the Play Now like.

    It think this is something that will be around a while- not just for April Fool's or for a few days.

    Hope this helps anyway wanting more coins.

    Happy Playing 🙂

  • Hi. I played and attempted to cash in, but it said no kc's available. I had like 380 out of 400 pts, and 38 kc's according to the chapter page.

    Any idea how to keep the kc's?? Who do we report a problem to???



  • HOW do I get going in level 3? I've been doing a "running jump", as someone suggested, and it's like hitting a wall - I thought I had gotten that game going, but am going nowhere and am very frustrated. Help, please?

  • I've been trying to play this game,since it started...but it says my computer needes to upgrade browser did that and it still won't work for me:(

  • @Journey - If you've got Firefox and NoScript - hit "allow all this page" when you get to the game. That will keep any nasty scripts out while you have fun.

  • @ketirasp, thanks so much, would i have to delete my exployer browser or can i keep them both..

    thanks in advance...


  • oops windows internet explorer lol

  • MyJourney - talk to your employer about that. You may have to get your own computer to do this at home, and that way you can set up the computer to your liking. Some sites work better with IE while others work better with Opera or Firefox.

  • @Ketirasp, its a good thing i'm my own employer lol...I got it i just need to figure out how to cash in my coins and learn how to play the game hehe...

    peace and light


    thanks again for responding

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