Why me?!....Anyone, please help.

  • I can not get out of my pit of sadness. I try so hard; I really do. I don't know what to do anymore. It seems like my life is nothing. Whenever something good happens, something bad has to happen.

    I remember my therapist asked me "Why are you so reluctant to admit that things can actually continue to get better?" I didn't answer right then but now I know. It seems like, right when I have everything set into place, it all comes crashing down.

    I can't stay on the path to happinesss because darkness always catches up. I am an emotional wreck right now.

    I just need some advice from someone. I don't know what to do. I've tried everything (except medicine) to make myself happy. Sometimes it works but most times it doesnt.

    My birthdate is February 23rd, 1997 if you prefer to do a reading or some sort of thing like that.

  • Hello ResseyReese,

    You are a sensitive fish with the birthdate of 2-23. Honey there has to be negative or bad to balance the good in life, no one has it good all of the time, just like no one has it so bad that they can not see any light shining through. Faith and attitude has so much to do with how we preceive life and also how we will live it.

    I was listening to Joyce Meyer (a minister) the other night and she said something so interesting I will share it with you. Just when you think that everything is running smoothly and your joy is there, than look out because a challange is just around the corner to meet. I so agree with what she said, however you do not disturb your happiness for one monment to think about the challange that may be coming. You enjoy your good times and face the bad with faith and courage and allow that challange to led you right back into the light of happiness when it is over.

    You are so young to be thinking on these levels that you are noting, your body may be going through some hormone changes (puberty) and this is why you may be feeling this way. Talk to your doctor about what how your physical body changes and what to expect . You have a bright future ahead of you dear one as I feel you are empathic, meaning you feel others emotions strongly, which just may lead you into the healing areas of life. You are special and a loving caring young lady. I hope that you have a good relationship with your Mother? so that she can help you with understanding your feelings and concerns.

    I hope you have a best friend to talk to and share with, if not than please keep coming to this board and I and the other wonderful readers here will help and guide you with our highest spiritual knowledge.


  • Thanks, Shaubby.

    I do have a very good relationship with my mom.

    I have soemthing close to a best friend but I don't really confide in her anymore.

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