Scorpio female/Cancer male

  • I'm a Scorpio female (Nov 1) and have fallen HARD for a Cancer male (June 27). Is this a good match? We have so many things in common & can talk for hours. His personality doesn't seem to be like other Cancers I've read about in Cancer forums. We seemed to "click" right from the start. He calls me, emails me & send text messages every day (he's not obnoxious about it. Just quick messages to tell me he's thinking about me, etc.). I just came from a relationship with an Aries male & he could go 2-3 weeks without contacting me which made me feel very insecure. Any comments?

  • Well, I Read many times that Scorpio and Cancer are compatible, I"m a Pisces I too suppose to be compatible with cancer and I dated one for 2 years, it wasnt too good, the moodiness and the being insecure, but I did love him. I hope you two make it. Let me know in a few months how things going.

  • hei scorpioblonde..can i ask a vew questions

    how did you meet, and where u shy or talkative,or just outgoing?

    did you see him then smile,or he made the first move?

    when you text,does he start, or you say hi first?

    when you are with other friends and hes around, do you act shy or outgoing?

    do you give him deep stares, or flirty smile while bein with the friends, complitly ignore him?

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