Twin Soul/Flame Reading Please

  • I met this guy and WOW!! Instant connection like I never felt before. It was so intense and I swear when looking into his eyes I reconized his soul. After meeting him I have aligned more with my core essence and crazy things are happening...number sequences, vibrations, light energy...ect. ect. His DOB-9-4-76 and mine is 10-15-81...Please help me!!

  • Erm, everything sounds great. What exactly do you need help with? 🙂

    Go with the flow, stay positive and hopeful and everything will work out well for you both.

  • Well he ran from the connection...haha. It was very intense so now im stuck

  • When did you last hear from him? I'd give him some time to adjust, get used to the feelings.

  • Its been 2wks

  • Some people cant handle the intence feeling off the bat. it takes a mature person in touch with there feelings to continue a lasting relationship. be glad he left, he was not man enought for you in the first place.. better luck next time...

  • Yeah I think he may have just crossed paths with you to awaken you to a higher level of being ("number sequences, vibrations, light energy" etc).

    Sorry that's not what you wanted to hear, but stay open to all the signs, symbols, and synchronicities in your life, it will do you good 🙂

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