Captain ive been a bad girl...i need advice pls

  • hello Captain, i hope i find you well as i write this post.

    i just read you blog. and i see that change is strong for this month. i need your guide/advice. I have been a bad girl. I have lied to my ex. I made up a story just to see him again. at first it was just to see what he would say, decline or acept invitaion.

    i think i hold on to him for selfish reasons. he broak up with me ayear ago and i wont accept that someone actually left me.. we met two weeks ago (the night of the supermoon)) for lunch, spent all night togther. i dotn care to have a relatioship wIth him again. yes i know it was laime to make up a story. im embarrased about it now.

    i cant tell him the truth. im embarrased about this. what shoudl i do? because he was happy to accept my invation to the wedding. this is it captain, i have to stop contacting him..


  • Tell him the truth and then let him go. You are just in the mood to be loved and have some company right now but you need to find the right person. Your ex is not it. If you want to find the right person, you have to be prepared to take the initiative. If you meet someone you really like, be honest about how you feel and don't play games. Your attitude to love tends to be a bit immature so leave any unrealistic teenage romantic ideas at the door.

  • thank you Captain,

    I got your msg earlyer today and i sent m y ex a msg letting him know that its best i cancel and move on with my life. leave the past where it belongs.

    (you do often point this out) My immaturity is what scares me about starting a new relationship, kind of. how do i understand what a adult relationship should be like since my point is not correct?... theres this older man in his 40s that is interested in me but in the back of my head i think immaturity might push him away, thats if i persue him....and, he finds courage to persue me... his shy..


  • You can learn from his maturity - it doesn't have to be a love relationship though. Friendship would be just as helpful, maybe more so.

  • hhhmm...thats true.....

    😃 thank you again.

    Captain, may i ask.. will this man ask to be friends out side the marcial art gym. or should i make the move. I think we can both enjoy eachothers company although i do question if he is available..

    i wont ask more after this 😃 LOL

  • You should make the first move - if he's not available, he should tell you.

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