Will we get married?

  • I need to know if this guy I know and I are going to get married. My d.o.b. is 7/2/1989 his is 8/18/1993.

  • This has a very positive outlook for marriage, astrologically. The two of you must achieve some constancy and moderation in your relationship however before this can happen. Your ability to help each other is the relationship's strength. But you can both be rather aggressive in your own ways and the relationship can suffer from power struggles and instability - your partner is very complex and you can be controlling.Yet his heroic nature can inspire you when you feel down and you are empathic to his wants and needs. Affectionate and loving feelings are common here. In marriage, your partner will usually provide the direction, and needs to think everything that happens is his idea. He needs a calm and warm domestic environment in which to wind down after his high-energy work so if you can provide that for him, he will be a very happy spouse.

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