Need Help Creating a New Life

  • It's time for me to start putting my life back together. I have been through a very difficult year and lost in love and career. Not a smart move for someone who typically played by the book. I learned some incredibly painful lessons and was played like a fool. I'm sure I will continue to gain clarity in the situation. For now though, I am feeling like it is time to get a job! I'm still having difficult seeing the forest for the trees.

    Will someone help me with a tarot reading? I've been "learning" by doing my own readings. I do not believe I am interpreting the messages correctly. I'm hopeful there are sunny days instead of the sadness I feel now.

    Wondering where to look for a job..what kind of job I will find. And yes, way in the back of my mind there are still feelings for the person I lost. Is anyone available to help me with a reading?

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