The 8's Man needs help and insight of meaning of all the 8's

  • My story starts at birth. My sun,moon, and rising was in my 8th house. Since then as my life grown and i grew up. Had a childhood accident at the age of 8. Inwhich, left me with 8 toes. Over the years had different visions or esp. insights. One in particular was when i was a younger man i seen my own assualt that happen later in life. As well as casting spells on people that made fun of me or teased me about my handicaps . (Bye the way they came true).

    Now for the 8 sychrome, My daughter was born on 08/08/1988, i live at 1808 (my addy) my square for my house is 238 and lot is 8. Also, all 3 car i own have at least one or more 8's in the license plate numbers in them. Most of the time good things happen for me on the 8,18,or 28 of the month. So if any one has experiences or has an intelligent explanation why this is happening I would very much like insight on this. thank you

  • 8 attracts power struggles over the most serious and trivial things- especially when you are not looking for confrontation. When is your birthday though, I suspect you are not an actual Scorpion?

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