Insite on my card redeading please oh please

  • I asked "Will April reveal my answeres for my future"

    Top Card: Queen of Wands

    5 cards underneath from left to right: 7 of Cups, King of Wands, 2 of Coins, Page of Cups, Knight of Cups

    Bottom Card: 6 of Coings

    3 Cards on right from top to bottom: 4 of Cups, Temperance, the World

    I was seeking help yesterday and thought I would take matters into my own hands...but I don't know how to read these.

    Thank you and I DO everyones extra time for us non seers and people who can[t read the card.



  • I would like to help, but you will have to explain what each card position represents (ie: bottom card is the foundation or basis of the matter, etc.). The number of cards suggests a Celtic Cross, but the way you describe the positioning does not sound like a Celtic Cross...

  • Yes! It was the 11 card Celtic Cross here on Tarot...Thank you sooooo much Watergirl!


  • You only have 10 cards listed...

  • Wait, with the numbers you list there are 10 cards, but when I count the actual cards you have listed there are 11. Just need to confirm what the cards were on the "staff". The staff is the FOUR cards that run vertically on the right side of the spread. Please list them for me top to bottom or bottom to top (just let me know which way!)

  • There were only three wouldn't let me draw anymore....

  • You have too many "underneath" the top card and not enough on the right side. I am assuming your last card on the "underneath" the top card is really part of the staff. The trick is whether it is the 2nd or 3rd from the top. I am going to assume 3rd from the top....

    What the cards are showing is that you have been confused or not thinking clearly and have been somewhat waiting for something to happen TO you or FOR you instead of making it happen yourself. The kicker here is that you are going to be getting an opportunity in the near future, however it is going to be something that sounds a lot better than it really is and you should NOT take the offer. This will be difficult for you because you are going to be feeling rather emotional and anxious about your future (as you are now). Stay balanced and "take it easy" instead of going off half-cocked. What you really need to be doing right now is getting clear on what it is you really want. The Universe cannot help you manifest your desires until you can communicate/state what those desires are plainly and clearly. Clearly knowing what you want also makes it easier to discern if something is right for you when opportunities come your way...

  • I have to give you a disclaimer on this one since the celtic cross is indeed 11 cards and you have only listed 10 which could drastically change the reading!

  • can make a lot of sense...let me ask a clarify question...

    I will see if I can get 11 cards in a bit...would you be willing to try that?

    Moooah! L&L


  • I will try to interpret another spread for you, just give me really clear details on what each card number/position is. It doesn't matter if it's 10 or 11 cards as long as I know what each card is supposed to represent. Am I making sense? I feel like I'm not!

  • Perfect...going to search for clarity! lol back soon!


  • this was a little crazy...It won't show me one of the cards no matter what I is making me have a ten card reading again. Really???

    The five cards that go in the middle from left to right...

    7 of coins, ?????, Queen of Cups, World, 2 of Coins

    Card on top: Queen of Swords

    Card on Bottom: Temerance

    Four cards going down from top to bottom:

    Lovers, Chariot, Emeror, 2 Wands

    I hope you can make some sense of this. Let me know if you need the order the were drawn in....I assume you already know dont' get the ten card thing going on...

    Thanks in advance for your light and time!

    Oh...And I did ask for clarity on April


  • LOL. The 5 cards from left to right....please tell me the order these cards were drawn...

  • Middle card 1 Queen of cups, second to left ???, 3rd the world car (right of Queen), 5th is 7 of coins and it is the first on the left, 7th 2 of coins far right

    Queen of swords was 6th

    Tempreance 4th

    Lovers 11th

    Chariot 10th

    Emperor 9th

    2 of Wands 8th

    Does that mess make sense? lol



  • There are so many cards in both spreads that indicate a need for balance. I do feel a frenetic type of energy coming through from you so I do believe Spirit is trying to tell you to calm down, find your center and get yourself balanced. That being said, I also feel like there is more to it. I was confused on whether this was about work or relationship. Usually, that means it's about both. You do seem to have a choice to make, however you are being told to slow down a bit. You need to think things through....once again the message to think about what you really want so you can make your choice wisely. This also ties into the message of calming your anxiety and finding balance. In order to make wise choices in life it is necessary to tap into your inner wisdom/guidance. When we are frenetic and anxious we cannot hear this voice. Make sense?

  • Yep...actually, pretty point on. I was in fact stating to my step daughter today that I haven't been calling on my center balance for the last two weeks because all I can think about is getting out of this desert in late June early go HOME to where my family is. The month of April is when my editors are bringing me my book and introducing me to my agent...when? I don't know but yes, the anxiety of a two year wait for all this is soooo close it has me completely off center. I KNOW it's all going to happen but I have nothing to do all day but sit and wait for the phone call. This has been so difficult and to know its around the corner but having no control of when your dreams are for real coming true...yah...patience and center comes and goes. So put that into what you said and it makes sense. Ya think? intutive....

    ...anything to add now that you know what my focus is? lol



  • I feel like there was a need for caution in your near future....not sure if it's about the publisher/editor or about your move back home. You definitely need to take your time before making any concrete decisions or signing any contracts.

  • Ok...I keep telling my heart that but my mind is going full speed. Thanks so much...I will recenter, rebalance and do my darndest to live in the moment...positive energy brings great rewards...I think I will write this on a blackboard five hundred times!

    Love and Light and a million prayers blessings and hugs your way,


  • That last post wasn't meant to scare you by the way 🙂 It's just that I couldn't tell if Spirit was just focusing on your need to calm down and re-center yourself right now or if you would also have a need to do this in the future. There was a sense that you were being overly emotional and your near future cards in both spreads both could point to you needing to see things clearly and not make an emotional decision OR just that you would still be waiting on an answer and the need to be calm would continue!

    It's funny that both spreads left you with one missing card. I really should have pulled cards myself - I felt that nudge. But, honestly, I had a little hissy-fit yesterday and threw my deck across the room. They hit the wall and scattered all over the floor. I still haven't picked them up becausing I'm throwing a little temper tantrum with my Spirit Guide. LOL.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your book, by the way! RELAX and ENJOY!

  • Ahhh...joys of being picture of frustration and cards flying against the wall made me laugh...

    I still don't know what the deal is with a lacking card in both...if you come to any conclusions let me the picture, so much detail to ponder and think in that frame.

    I hope all will be revealed soon (as I am told April will be a big month of this). You aren't the first to tell me to watch the contract...I think my eagerness could be the fall if I am not careful.

    I'm not good at posting pictures but if I could I would send you a beautiful bouquet of iris's in all their color...standing tall and beautiful...just like you!


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