You Are Rewriting History - Changes Today Mean a Brighter Tomorrow

  • a message from The Council of 12 channeled by Selacia

    Historic moments are taking place on the planet that you call home. Much around you is crumbling and being reconfigured. On an almost daily basis, you have reminders of the shifting of energies - sometimes even physical shifting of the Earth as is occurring this month with Japan's earthquake and tsunami.

    Since the beginning of 2011 you have witnessed countless changes and upheaval. The events perhaps impacting you the most have happened in Japan, its people suffering from a disaster of unimaginable proportions. No one could have prepared you for this level of crisis.

    Even if you don't live in Japan, you feel what's happening at a core level. You feel deeply for those who are suffering. You sense their loss. One reason that you feel so intensely about this crisis is that you are consciously aware of how connected you and others are. You are more sensitive and open now too, and this means that you are more aware of others. You can feel their pain and you care.

    Know that your world is in crisis but it is not broken. The things happening now do not mean the end of the world. The turmoil is an indicator of the revolutionary times you are alive to witness. You are here now to see these things and to begin seeing yourself, others, and the planet in a brand-new way.

    You as a divine changemaker are here to bring about the needed changes. As you know there are many things that are not supportive of the kind of Earth that you want to inhabit. Energy must be brought back into balance - within people and externally in how life is lived.

    Notable Planetary Energies

    The planetary alignments occurring now and over the next few years are unprecedented. One of those is the move on March 11 of the planet Uranus into the sign of Aries. If you weren't already living in revolutionary times, that alignment alone would certainly catalyze some massive changes.

    You know that these are not ordinary moments. Certainly, 2011 will be a noteworthy year on many levels. The planetary alignments are simply one influence, but you will want to understand them and their impact on you and everyone you love.

    Here is some background. First, Uranus is a planet associated with electrifying and often sudden change. Uranus tends to catalyze the process of discovery and inventiveness, leading to innovations and brand-new approaches.

    It is associated with freedom and independence. Abrupt changes and revolutions can occur under the influence of Uranus.

    Second, Uranus moving into Aries means action and as you are already seeing in the past couple of months, actions on the world stage with this alignment can be swift and reveal hidden trends that have been building for some time. You are seeing that in the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere around the world.

    None of those situations became explosive overnight. People in all corners of the world are awakening, challenging corrupt systems, and asking for changes. How that waking up appears will differ depending on a host of factors including consciousness, culture, and the level of oppression existing.

    Under the Uranus-Aries transit-to be in place for the next seven years - revolutions and reconfigurations of all sorts will become hallmarks of the times. You will witness countless external changes and upsets.

    Biggest Changes

    The biggest changes you want to pay attention to, however, are inside. You create them as you shift into higher frequencies of energy. You as divine changemakers are creating a brand-new light-filled reality. That reality is birthed in your own life as part of your process of inner transformation. You add energy to it each time you participate in group peace meditations, each time you meditate, and each time you heal an old pattern.

    The world you live in is changing in big ways now. Amidst the turmoil, though, much is the same. One constant is that each day you are presented with a new canvas. On that canvas are new opportunities and new challenges. Decide that you will welcome each of them and utilize them in the highest way.

    Trust that spirit is with you, guiding you step by step! The trust we speak about here is not blind trust. It is not based on magic or magical thinking. It is not about giving your power over to some unseen spiritual force - indeed it is bonding and merging with that force. Miracles and quantum shifts in consciousness are sourced in the realm of spirit. As you trust in this realm more and integrate it into your daily life, there is no challenge too big to solve.

    Your Power to Rewrite History

    History is created one moment at a time. The present is a result of the history of what you and others created before. The future comes from the past; it includes the present and what you are now putting in place to create a more light-filled world.

    No other generation had the opportunity to change so much about the destiny of future generations. You have the power to change what is broken. You are alive now to do this. Each time you add your light to a global crisis you are helping to anchor new energies on the planet.

    Consider what has happened in Japan and the Middle East and see them as opportunities to reach out to others in compassion. The people of Japan now in crisis after the earthquake and tsunami need your prayers and energetic support. They are not strangers; they are your brothers and sisters because everyone on Earth is connected to the human family.

    Compassion knows no borders or distances. You don't have to speak someone's language or understand his or her culture to care. The ordinary people in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East want the same things you do - to be loved and to be free from oppression. Reach out to them with your prayers and you will create an uplifting energy. Think of yourself not as just one person offering prayers but as one in a global community with others who share the dreams in your heart.

    As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

    Copyright 2010 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved *

  • Hey poetic, lovely message, bontiful, and Thanks for sharing.

    Bee Xx

  • angel hugs


  • Some body is waking up and seeing things hu are you hearing to just go with it talk to them just like they were sitting there as a good friend and they are Love ya

  • Blue Moon, I miss you when you are not here, I said out loud yesterday I think it was, where the H e l l is Blue Moon? LOL! This moon coming this months is gonna bring big things I think, I can smell something coming. I'm still losing but slowly, hurt my ankle walking, gonna try swimming!

  • Thanks Tooter, I do they hear me cause they respond with the lights and stuff, last night I was so sad and didn't wanna close my eyes cause I knew they were watching me, I closed them for a minute and saw the most beautiful Brillant Blue Light Mass. Pretty, I've been very emotional like P.M. S. on Steriods!

  • I mean I know they hear me, geez... Love you, I thought of you last night too and about what the Captain said about the Light and the Dark but the Angels say we have to embrace the light and the dark and not shun it away or close it off, we have to get to the source and bring it into the light. Middle ground, middle ground, middle ground (Path).

  • Did you read my story about going with father where he came from he was out of darkness but we were to but created by light Father and you are not alone in the swings a lot of peoples beliefs are being questioned they are becoming aware of the Truth and i will be sharing more when on this when i am guided to but some are not ready yet but i do have another story i will be working on here pretty quick i knew you where going threw a lot but i also knew you needed to Love Ya Tooter

  • Well i am on steroids now the doctor put me own a series pack and a shot and antibiotics and a enhalier and they are wanting to do another scope and he is sending for the reports own all that that happen in Oklahoma i didn't sound to good but my faith is where it is with spirit and they or Andrea has told me so i am not worried about it i guess they think i am made out of money its funny they wouldn't even take a check see where things are going more control forcing you to use a credit card or debit and wont be to long they wont take cash some already don't more control oh i don't want to get started on that LOL Love Ya Tooter

  • Tooter I saw it I think, my brain is fuzzy today, have a head cold, Do you get Medicare? I always thought the mark of the beast was credit cards. I Am going thru a lot but I'm sure it's all about growth, I'm getting a lot of downloads of light like transmissions.

  • Something happened tooter according to the Angels/Channelers were some folks were starting to question everything and it delayed something. I forgot where I read it.

  • Where was I---see those crazy butterflies? That was my head for about two weeks---ha ha ha! Actually the energy was a bit crazy out there---I had to lay low---such is life in the big cosmos!

  • angel hugs to all


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