New Warning on Japan and Even the US

  • I was fixing to go to bed and i always check the News and one where they interview a man who is a expert in that field and knows about the nuclear and radiation fallout has given some very very alarming bad news for Japan and its people all of them and even now saying radiation levels are showing up in California and are rising This is not to scare you but to inform you and seek you own knowledge do not believe what the Governments are saying because they do not want mass panic but you need to be informed and there is information here on the forum as to help with the radiation from spirit please seek this information for your self and i even went back to get more information and what the mans name that was saying this and they have done pulled it we are not being told the truth on how bad this really is and how bad it can become it was on RT dot com but i did realize he is against nuclear facilities since the Chernobyl accident but he also said this was totally out of control. Tooter

  • I live in the Eastern part of the US and reports released a couple days ago have stated that the radiation has reached us too.

    Of course, with the "nothing to worry about" statement attached -- yeah, right.

    It MUST be worse than they say to have reached this far.

  • you stir up fear, you are wanting to create panic. what can you do? move? move where? how about Russsia,,?

  • I would like to say I was wrong in putting this out there the way i did and i surely did not do it to create panic or Fear but awareness but the main est thing is to remind everyone that spirit has given us tools to use and how to use them there was a article that was brought here showing us how to deal with this and i would suggest finding it and using it the way it says .

    My prayers are still going out for the people of Japan and all the ones affected by all the disasters right or wrong it does not change the fact what is going own and all we can do to get threw all of this is Trust in our faith and do what is given to us to do with Tooter

  • HiawaiiFlower:

    "you stir up fear, you are wanting to create panic. what can you do? move? move where? how about Russsia,,? "

    Panic? Days after it happened, people across the US and London (probably other places) started buying up those iodine tablets that the Japanese were giving out to the people who were closest to area.

    As far as fear, some people fear everything. Others feel more comfortable knowing what is going on.

    Some would rather hear 'everything is fine', as though they were children in need of comfort. While others (me in this group) are grown-ups and have learned that the phrase is usually only given when there is more to tell but being held back.

    Not paranoia --- past experience.

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  • Another Earthquake today:

    Tokyo (CNN) -- A powerful earthquake struck Japan on Thursday, triggering a tsunami warning for one prefecture and advisories in other prefectures.

    The Japan Meteorological Agency said the quake was a magnitude of 7.4. The U.S. Geological Survey said it was 7.1.

  • Tooter,

    It is better to be aware of things to come not to fear them but to prepare for them and remain steady during turbulent times. Please continue to share.

    Love and light,


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