Anyone free to give me a reading??

  • hi .... would really appreciate a reading anyone?

    my dob 14/09/78

    life seems to be spiraling at the moment and could do with a little hand to push me into gear so to speak!!

    best wishes xx

  • What exactly did you want to know about?

  • hi,

    just wanted to no if i will ever be in a relationship that will last or if ive let the wrong person walk out of my life, im generally feeling really unsettled at the moment and want to no how long its gonna take to finally be content, not only in a relationship but in general.


  • Your relationships will become easier when you deal with any issues you have towards love and relating to others.

    Kerry, your astrological profile shows that you are strong-willed and, when you want something, you can usually get it. You have a dislike of undue displays of drama and emotion yet can throw a tantrum yourself if you think it will be effective. For all your seeming passion in your youth, you have a cool, calculating streak and are more than capable of keeping your head when all around you are losing theirs. Your love of beauty and refinement may manifest itself in learning a craft and you will doubtless master it over time. If you become disappointed or disillusioned, you will flounder (as you seem to be doing now) for integrity is paramount to you and, once betrayed by people or life, you do not easily recover. The main danger is that you may promote full-scale revolution when a simple change would do or embark on any number of rebellious crusades in the name of morality. In fact, you can show more passion over an ideal than an individual and must nurture the more personal side of your deeply caring nature.

    Your deep desire to help and serve humanity should not see your personal relationships turn into moonlight jobs of fixing what it is wrong with the world. Don't try to help those you become romantically or otherwise involved with unless they ask you for it. Simply set an example for others by being clean and sober and successful. When you are insecure, you make others feel weak and sick and unable to function without you - a sure way to begin the end of a personal relationship. Remain focused on yourself, especially when you feel plagued with guilt that you're not doing enough or when you're afraid of being dumped if you don't do your job better or even just take a simple break. Success comes when you can feel love and compassion without losing yourself in the process. Abandoning yourself to prove selfless love is folly. You don't have to be responsible for everyone - otherwise, all your relationships will just become burdens. You have a fear of being alone but, if you make your relationship with yourself right first, you will never be without a 'friend'.

    When it comes to love, you have two major problems to overcome - first, that you tend to over-idealize the role of spouse, friend, teacher or mate, thus setting yourself up for disappointment when mere mortals fail to live up to their idealized roles. Secondly, in your search for the perfect relationship, you may fail entirely at the art of commitment for fear of relaxing your high standards and 'settling'. But you will benefit enormously from the taming influence of intimate involvement so you must try to release these unrealistic tendencies. Follow your gut instincts when it comes to choosing a partner. What is best for you is people and experiences that nourish your idealistic search without arousing your rather excitable nature.

    Reaching a peaceful emotional plateau by eschewing the ups and downs of your psyche is essential to your well-being. Yoga, meditation, or other balancing regimens, not the least of which is following a healthy diet, will help balance you out and calm you. Other parts of your life challenge are to learn what true beauty really is, and to develop a good sense of timing, so that you know when to will what you want to happen and when to simply let things happen by themselves. You also need to explore what you value at the deepest level of your heart and to release any victim consciousness. You are in charge of your life and have responsiblity for your own choices and direction so let go of any thinking that you are at the mercy of other people or random fate. You can achieve what you want simply by changing your attitude or methods.

  • thankyou for taking the time to do that for me, im very grateful.

    your comments are so spot on and have given me a few things that i need to admit to myself and deal with in order for me to stop going rd in circles and getting the same conclusion not only in my relationships but in everyday life. i am so scared of being alone you are so right but seems to be me who pushes the people i care about most away. I just hope i have not pushed the person i care about the most out of my life for good??

  • Anything is possible if you deal with your issues and control the behaviour that pushes others away. If it is too late to repair an old relationship however, at least it will open the door to newer, better relationships. Be aware of whether you are clinging to the old relationship simply through a fear of being alone or being unable to find a new one.

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