Captain~ It is me again... request for some insight please

  • Hello Captain~

    It has been awhile, I realize. I hope you are well and that life has been good to you these days~

    I attracted a beautiful man into my life recently. The first man since my divorce almost two years ago. He is very special but I was not able to reciprocate his affections when we were together~ I felt guarded, I was quiet and I could not relax. I thought I was ready for a relationship...I am ready for a relationship and this man was so special~ My question is~ was it us as a couple, or was this all me?

    our birthdates~

    him 06/11/68

    me 01/03/72

    Please, I would really appreciate a reading around this relationship.

    with gratitude,


  • Hoping you can help Captain...

    thank you

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