Help with Tarot reading...

  • I did the Celtic Cross 11-Card reading. I need some help intepreting it a little deeper.

    Self: Seven of Swords

    Situation: Prince of Pentacles

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Ace of Wands

    Foundation: Nine of Wands

    Recent Past: Queen of Swords

    Higher Power: Strength

    Near Future: Four of Wands

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Three of Cups

    Allies: The Hermit

    Advice: Page of Swords

    Long-term Potential: The Devil

    I read the descriptions but i dont see how they all fit together.

  • Hi Sweetie,

    First of all, my heart goes out to you. There seems to be a lot of depression hereand a tendency toward fatalistic thinking that may manifest as anger toward others. Your lesson here is to turn the negative outlook on life to an optimistic attitude. I know this is not nearly as easy as people make it sound, but you are building the foundation for your future, my dear. What do you want to build your life upon? Spirit wants you to know that you are strong and that true strength is not aggressive. True strength comes from within and gives you the courage to master your emotions. Release the tendency to be a loner (or maybe just the feeling that you are alone) and embrace those around you - family and friends are there to support you, but you need to reach out and let your walls down. Your outcome card is about facing your inner fears - releasing the inner demons and setting yourself free!

    Blessings and Love to you,


  • Thanks, watergirl.

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