Reading request re: my education pls pls

  • i just completed nursing program and im waiting to take my boards. can i get an estimate of when i will be taking my exam? also if there is any advice that seems significant regarding the exam and finding a job as a nurse would be helpful for me.

    i thank you in advance 😃



  • Hi sweetoty

    8 of cups + 3 of coins + the Chariot - you are just come to the step after your carrier will be started... you will pass your exam successfully.

    6 of swords + 10 of cups + the Emperor - you are quite skilled and have all the virtues that are necessary for a nurse work. You will find the job you need.

  • Elisive

    SWWWEEETTT THANK YOU! 😃 seems like all the right cards came up... 😃

    im so excited! my life finaly feels like its where it should be..

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