Scorpio Woman/Gemini Man

  • my mom is a scorpio my dad is a gemini...they have two kids together me an my brother..they are still married.....but im pretty sure there both secretly misrable....they fight constantly...and i base this on the fact that water an air signs esp. those 2 do not go well together.... i wouldnt suggest it...go for another water sign or an earth sign....they are complete opposites and not in the good "opposites attract" way either...its just not pretty..geminis need communication an scorpios are secretive and rely on there emotions to tell them how to react to things when geminis are brainy and use there thinkers to handle situations....hope this helps...

  • I am a scorp and my hubby of 22 years is a gem...we are the dynamic duo. We work together we play together and we are always comfortable together. It was a whirlwind romance. He loved my independance, I was married once before and I simply told him I would never get married again, thats all it took he was hooked and proposed within 2 weeks time, and of course I said yes to this charming funny and gentle soul. Give him his space and and he will give you the world. adore him and he will keep you forever, It's the ultimate education just remember not to be to serious after all you are dealing with his duelism.

  • Very good Soulsurviver, you are one of view who knows how to deal or communicate with a Gemini Man. I think they are wonderful ppl.

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