Scorpio Woman/Gemini Man

  • Okay, any Scorpio women involved with Gemini men out there? We are a new pair, just 3 months together, and I would love some insight into dealing with his flighty, non-committal nature, while keeping the amazing passion between us! Being a Scorpio means I give my all, and want him all to myself, but I am finding Gemini men don't really want to feel tied down.

    Any pointers from women in this pairing, or Gemini men would be appreciated!

  • Ok....I'm not a man nor a scorpio BUT I am a gemini. Gem's do like to be tied down and we do like to keep stimulated - mentally as well as physically. We do enjoy the passion and attention...but we don't like to be criticised or told what to do, even if the criticism/nagging isn't done maliciously. Gems do take criticism to heart and take offence. You've only been together 3 months ....enjoy the passion !

  • Thanks rnrchick! I really appreciate the input... I have Gemini sisters/mother, but have never gotten close to a Gemini man. He was born June 4th, and is also a twin. He is a few years younger than me (I'm 44/he'll be 41 this June), but I am most definitely in my "prime" for him! The passion is intense to the Nth degree, and I am loving every minute of it. My Scorpian nature makes me a little possessive though, and I am so intense sometimes I scare myself! He seems drawn to that in me, but I know I have to give him some breathing room, huh? If I had it my way, we'd never leave the bedroom though! There's more to life than that I know, so I guess I will just need to be patient with him. He's been alone for awhile, and I just lost my husband of 11 years last year. We spent all our time together, so this is an adjustment for me. I am not critical or nagging in any way though, so that's good. Thanks for that info!

  • Nothing wrong with that age gap....I'll be 44 on Thursday and my husband will be 41 in August!! LOL. I wouldn't worry to much about the bedroom possessiveness either....!!! Have fun!

  • Isn't that a funny coincidence with our ages? Probably not a coincidence, really... I know that is not a big age gap, but he did happen to mention his desire to have a child of his own, although he never found the "right woman" to marry and have one with. The pressure is on if it's going to be with me! My clock isn't ticking, it's just about wound down! LOL. I do know that this small town southern boy will never meet someone like me again! I think he knows it too. I'm a "Yankee" from NY, and have been around the block a few times! I think I can keep his interest, in and out of the bedroom! We're having lots of fun... tee hee.

  • Oh rnrchick, by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your day!

  • I was thinking about the gemini guy that I met in April.I have been a widow two years and I needed a new friend,but I was really not looking when I found this guy...I too,am a scorpio lady.I met this guy online,as he is in military,in Iraq.I have a lot of gemini in my chart.He has been married and stayed in military,to get over the pain from his earlier marriage.He has a trust issue.We talk for hours as he says ,that for first time ,in years that he smiles.He does trust me and that scares him.He said that people dont understand the bond between us.I have no idea where it will lead us,but it is nice...I dont feel that age should ever matter,within reason.He sure makes my day.I hope that each of you has a wonderful day.

  • I am so glad I found this forum! Thank you for replying angellady777! It is good to hear from fellow Scorpio women. I don't have any in my life, and need to be able to relate to people like myself. I can't believe you're also a widow. I am too, since last August. I lost my true love and soulmate of 13 years (10 years as friends prior), and was really lost without him at first. I did some hard grieving over those 7 months, and started looking for a new path for myself. I had seen the Gemini man before, and we finally spoke for the first time this March. We really hit it off immediately! We were able to talk so easily, and everything else has come pretty easily too. I'm just not familiar with Gemini men, so your input helps. It must be hard to be involved with someone so far away, and whose life is in danger I'm sure on a daily basis! I'm sure you are both doing a good thing for each other though. Helping each other to heal... My guy really made my day today! He's very sweet and complimentary, and he makes me feel great about myself. I am hoping for the best for us, and for you too...

  • Jazzsinger - thank you for my birthday wishes....last day being 43!! One word of advice though....never say never where "babies" are concerned....I was previously married for 15 years and had 3 children,we divorced & about a year later I met my current husband...I was about 36 at the time. My husband had been married before but had no children. When we met my husband expressed his desire of wanting children but he had convinced himself it wasn't to be as he hadn't had children up to then. I, as far as I was concerned, was probably too old.......then 3 months into the relationship I fell pregnant. He was over the moon. Unfortunately I lost that baby at 3 months. I conceived again a few months later but again I had a miscarriage at 3 months. We decided to get on with our lives and we got married when I was 39. Followed by 2 successful pregnancies aged 40 and 41. !!! So....keep your legs've been warned LOL!!!! Wishing you lots of love and happiness x

  • Thanks rnrchick! I've been asking around, doing some research, and talked to my doctor today about having kids at my age. She just had a baby at 39, and she was encouraging about it. It seems that more women are having them later these days. If things work out with this man, I would certainly be willing to try! I had a dream pregnancy with my son, and I turned 38 right after he was born. I think we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but it would have to be pretty soon!

    Funny about keeping my legs crossed! LOL for sure! Much love and happiness to you too!

  • Oh, I'm so sorry! I meant to tell you how sorry I was to hear of your miscarriages! I know they are more common the older we get. I'm sure that was rough for you, and admire your persistence! That is one of the risks of conceiving after 35 unfortunately. I had one very early on the first time my husband and I conceived. I was really only a few weeks along when it happened though...

  • Thanks be honest I now think the miscarriages were telling me the time wasn't right to be pregnant although the first one hit my husband really hard.

    Anyway on a happier note I wish you lots of fun for the future!!

  • Hey umm I know this is kinda weird but what do you guys think of a scorpio woman and an aries man? Can you guys give me any advice on that?

  • To rnrchick: I agree about those losses. When mine happened, we were both working in high stress jobs running a storage facility together. We had a sudden move offered to us, and the stress of it was too much I guess. I didn't conceive again until we both got laid off by them! Then we decided to move to our house in the country here in the Florida Panhandle. Now my son gets to grow up in the country, and as I own my house outright, I don't have the stress of having to work all the time to make ends meet. Sadly though, my husband only got to enjoy it for 7 years. It was always his dream to "go back to the land", and to be more self-sufficient. I'm happy at least that I was able to help him attain that dream.

    To FallFromAStar: I don't know any Aries men, but I get along really well with Aries women. My stepdaughter is an Aries, and so is a very close friend of mine. We really compliment each other. Of course, we all know men are a different breed though! Honestly, where we come from has a lot to do with who we really are as well. It will shape us just as much as our astrological influences. I suggest you get to know him, and then see how things "click" for you. Even the most unlikely pairings can work out!

  • OK Im a gemini man. Let me help. There is no better combination (in passion) than these 2 signs. They could be 100 years old and they will want to jump each other. The gemini can be gregarious though and loves his hobbies. This will make the Scorpio think he doesn't care but he really does. Make him feel he is not boxed in by not complaining about his other interests and he will be yours forever. The gemnini will give his all to you but reserves a little bit for his own convictions. Just remember this does not mean he is unfaithful! He must have this sense of seperateness so that he can love you. Just don't confuse his need for seperateness with not loving you. If you put him in a box he will still love you but not have a very good time.

  • Thanks so much. we've been dating for a while (10 months) and he does talk about his hobbies alot and sometimes i would complain but now I wont. It is true we both are very passionate and he just kissed me today! It was awsome... anyway Thanks again!! 🙂

  • ok, ok, aaw I feel your pain I too am intangled in lust with the dreams a gemini charmer has bestoyed upon me, and I my dear have it far worse than you, if you choose to deal with a geminin anybody that goes for. Beware they do not like to settle!!!! You have to trap this guy to get him to stay and then you will only be trapping your self as well. Gemini guys are so sweet and charming becuase they feed off of your weakiest points. You said you had gotten out of a relationship and were ready to love again, funny so was I and you no what this guy told me everything I wanted to hear. to good to be true. Heres a test, give him as much space as he wants don't bug him nothing , but do not let him walk allover you either, he wont respect you. Except for leos Geminis pretty much think all women are the same, except for his family and his daughters. Leos are tricky and sneaky like geminins and becuase geminis love the chase and the feeling of youth so much they will always find a chase in a leo women, she never gives in even when he believes she has. I have so much fun with my gemini guy, he cheats, lies he even steals, like whats mine is his, but hes also very very loving, becuase I wont let him do what he wants. If he tells me hes somewhere I'll go there once out of the ten times hes there to see. He better be there or hes in big trouble. I'll give him his freedom cause if you don't you'll meet his other side, ooo not so pretty trust me. Make sure your his main lady trust me theres always going to be others, doesnt neccessarily mean hes ya no. He probably is, becuase of his age, sorry mama but that doesnt mean he doeant want you, thats just how Gemini guys are I have been with mine for almost two years, and hes been with other girls and has kids with other women, and they ALL say the same thing hes a dog, he never takes anything serously, he tricked me he lies he cheats. Gemini guys love to get women to love them, but then their off to the next while leaving the first still in love and eventually heart broken. The one I'm talking to treated all his previously let crap and when he met me I didnt take him seriouse, you think your age is off, I'm 27 and he's 38, yeah and he still acts like hes my age. I'm the youngest, but he talks to 30 year olds 35 29, you name it, he'll do it, but he always comes home to me.

  • Wow! Two different ends of the spectrum!

    Thank you Overthinker, for a man's perspective. I like what you have to say. My Gemini seems to be just like you described! Yet, look at what LadyA9873 has to say! The way I see it, and what I'm learning in these forums is, it's all about your nature. Is it your nature to be a cheater? Well, then that's what you'll be regardless of what sign you are. Obviously not all Gemini men will stray, but if he did, its Goodbye and Good Riddence! I would never stand for my man cheating, LadyA9873, and neither should you. If I am not the only one, than I don't need him. I know that my Gemini is only involved with me, and he certainly has no reason to stray due to just what you said Overthinker! We are smoking together, for sure! (And I am 44, and he'll be 41 on June 4th.) He does have his personal interests, but so do I. I have no problem with them. One is riding his motorcycle (part time), and the other is pursuing his black belt in Taekwondo, which to me is a great pasttime. A wonderful art form to practice. I will support his dreams and desires, and expect nothing less from him. He has high scruples, and is cautious with his heart. I just want him to open it up a bit more for me. I would make sure he never regret it. That emotional and spirtual connection is imperative for this Scorpio woman...

  • he will love u ..and be lucky if he said it..that in itself is a blessing..most wont they will only show u..they r flighty but only because they know no other way ..they will love u sexually ..but dont show not an ounce of jealousy or >>>>>ur done..xoxo

  • let me enjoy the love and u will to..i messed up and im paying..4 it...they dont like jealousy and scorpios possess all to much of that..i fucked up but i feel" if he really does feel something for me"..he will come back and if he doesnt ...then we had our time>>>and it is up>>.i will ALWAYS love him and tears will come to my eyes at the thought of never touching him again..this pain is something u never wan so whenever u feel that u need to TALK to him..tell him" i wanna talk"..u just listen..tell him that no matter what u say ..u still love him..then allow him ti,e to think of ur word/..' TELL HIM",,that whenever he want to talk to u ..u will JUST LISTEN and then move from their....BUT..dont show not i sign of jealousy or mistrust..if so ...HE'LL leave ..mentally..

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