What Is Spirituality and Soul level Messages?

  • Hi

    I dunno fi it has been addressed before, but I now find I need to express these 2 topics

    Spirituality messages and

    Soul level messages.

    What are they? Can they come to one when one is say asleep and astral travelling? or and when one is in charge? if so how can one trust it, bc i think feel one may not b objective, whereas in ur sleep u aint in charge n by it objective. no?

    plz join and lemmi hear ur experiences n ur opinions.

    cwb curious

  • Hey CWB, just found this, I'm feeling this don't know if I'm right, Spiruality Messages in general are just messages that stir something in your heart and soul and rings TRUE to you, you can feel it like it hit home. Soul Level Messages may be messages from your "Soul Self" Soul Family" Guidance of some type but I think they can also be both. The second one maybe more for your spiritual growth or path. But since we are all one, they could still be the same, from our higher self, my thinking anyway. 🙂 Hope I made sense.

  • U sure did Poetic thank u so much sweetie

  • Anyone else?please? we can all learn from it no? lol


  • Personally I do trust my dreams more, but the only problem lies in interpreting those dreams. Whilst awake, I equate it to intuition. For me, when something feels right it starts in the gut. I "feel" right. When something is absolutely right it can quickly spread to my heart where I feel joy and hope and I may start laughing or grinning like a Cheshire cat. At the same time, all doubts in my mind are instantaneously silenced.

    Of course, they do come back more often than not, those pesky doubts. Slowly but surely however, I am learning to silence them through willpower 🙂

  • You know i have dreams and visions then i have knowing the knowing has gotten stronger this year and i am learning to trust it more , but the dreams i have, most of the time they do not make much since some times they are like a story unfolding and i have had some dreams come true like the one with Andrea i figured it was just wishful thinking but it came to be . Now the visions i have are waking visions and that is when i am working or doing something and they start coming out of nowhere them i pay attention to especially when they are own going ,i have tried to make some visions happen i can not and have not been able to do that now i do have interactions with Andrea and my other guides i real time they are in the 5th realm i am in the 3rd but i can be in the 5th at the same time that is neat anyway just sharing Love Ya Tooter

  • aho .................... interesting. keep it going guys n gals.


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