Need help interpreting a celtic cross reading

  • i am so hurt by the way my husband treats my family - kids as well as parents - he acts "nice" to everyone else and people think he is a great guy but he really is selfish and can be rude and obnoxious in the home. I am stressed because work is crazy and I feel like quiting my job but know that in this ecomony it is not a good idea. The depression is effecting me physically... my body aches and feel trapped like I have no time for myself. I want to change careers but my husband does not approve of my decision. have two small children that I know will be hurt if we split up. Please I concentrated on the cards and this is what I came up with: someone please help interpret:

    1. The Star (reversed)

    2. The fool (across)

    3. Page of Cups

    4. Ace of swords

    5. Temperance

    6. Page of swords (reversed)

    7. two of cups

    8.The emporer

    9. 4 cups (reversed)

    10. 7 pentacles

    Thank you and blessings!

  • From these cards and from what you've written I can see that you are ready to break out of this rut. However, wishing and wanting to do this isn't enough, these idead will not flourish unless you make a few needed changes and take some risks. It is all up to you, you CAN reach your goals however to reach them you might have to do a few things that you are not prepared or ready to do. To get things rolling maybe make a list of what you need to change in your life and what you are willing to change. Then go from there, because these cards are indicating that change definitely needs to take place in order for you to reach your goals. It will not miracly happen by itself.

  • Hi Livingadream, I'm not a tarot reader but I had this urge to make a comment, what gypsydreams said about your spread feels SO right to me!..... just know what a beautiful strong person you are and you WILL get through, I just know you have what it takes to make the changes you need!.... and I'm feeling for you , I too have had that "everyone thinks he's so nice" thing in the past......♥

  • Thank you for your responses Healingways and gypseydreams. I get what you are saying and will take it to heart. Thanks again for your time and kind words

  • Hi Livingadream!

    Your spread is very informative and express not only your future but your thoughts.

    The Star (Rx) goes to the Fool (your cross) it means that you really feel disgust to your partner. The only join of your relationship between you and your husband are your children (the Fool goes to Page of cups - Children). But his intemperance and errors due to excesses in his behavior (page of cups goes to Ace of Swords and the Temperance) leads to an exacerbation of the relationship (the Temperance goes to Page of swords RX).

    You feel lack of support from the side of your husband (Page of swords RX goes to 2 of cups and the Emperor) you always feel pressure from his side and have the feeling like you are the guest at your own house (the Emperor goes to 4 of cups RX).

    4 of cups RX to 7 of coins means that this situation in your family is long lasting and you used to it or have used to it because of many years you spent together and because of your children but at the same time you want to get rid of unnecessary protection from the side of your husband. This situation you have in your family will not be changed for a year approximately. I can say … this situation will be clear for you may be in Autumn. 7 of coins is the Harvest card. So that your strong decision what to do next ripens close to autumn time. Close to this time something are going to be changed in your family and may be you will be ready to change the job.

  • Wow Elisive thank you so much. You know you are right I am used to it but fed up at the same time. He has not always been this way but lately he is getting worse but only those close to me can see it. I will be honest, he doesnt drink, or smoke or go out with his friends to bars or at all. He is not aggressive but is selfish and refuses to recognize that. I have allowed myself to change my happy life into boring all work no play life unless its something that he wants to do. I feel that my work life is sucking the life out of me. I am on call 24/7 and deal with very messed up individuals and am just learning that some of my co-workers are actually worse than the people we deal with. (i am in law enforcement) I need a change and feel stuck beccuase there are not too many openings in this field as due to budget cuts everyone has a hiring freeze!! Thanks for your interpretation and the light at the end of the tunnel! I do appreciate it!!

  • Hi Livingadream.

    May be there is a reason to make additional spread in order to know why his behavior turned to wroth. Is there any reason for this? As I have understood he was not so strange before. May be there is time to change something not only in your working life but in private too to help your relationship if you still love your husband. And may be it will help you.

  • Thanks Elisive I will do an addittional one and post it... I don;t know what has changed but he has definetly changed. I do love him. Thanks because I honestly had not thought to try and find out what caused the change. Thank you for opening my eyes.

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