Need a reading please!! Would anyone help....

  • Hi all,

    I would appreciate it if someone could give me a reading.

    DOB 3-22-75

    DOB 10-29-78 my love interest

    Currently out of work and money is very tight. What do you see in career and romance for me?

    Much appreciated,


  • Your relationship works best for friendship. It often begins in suspicion and mistrust. Actions, not words, will be needed for each partner to convince the other and to engender mutual faith. The relationship's bond must be forged in fire if it is to endure and be dependable. Openness and honesty must be achieved. Much will depend on the continued investment of time spent in serious talk and in the airing of different points of view. Only then will sympathy and understanding grow, and with them a deepening of the relationship and a measure of permanence. Yet actions alone will not convince your partner - ethical intent is vitally important as well. But you often do things impulsively without thinking. Even if your intentions are pure enough in your own mind, you may get into trouble with your Scorpion, who will tend to be suspicious of your apparent innocence and will often harbour nagging suspicions about you, finding it hard to believe that you didn't have something deceptive or downright dishonest in mind after all. Such suspicions can undercut the relationship. Furthermore, since neither of you is very strong in self-understanding, deceptions of all kinds may abound here. You will find your weaknessess and deficiencies harder to hide than your partner, who rarely if ever can be caught at a disadvantage, particularly in any kind of argument. You will soon learn how much you can be hurt by a Scorpion, since you are more vulnerable. You may become less willing to open up, and more guarded. Although increased affection and protectiveness may surface through struggle here, a happy marriage or long-term live-in arrangement is not the outlook.

    2011 - This is a very important year for you when your home, family and love will be the main theme of your life. It is also a good time to explore your creative side, especially through visual art. So if you ever had an interest in photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics or drawing, now is the time to explore that - take a class or just fool around and edify yourself by taking up an artistic hobby this year like sewing, knitting, or scrap booking. Enjoy it and realize this new obsession is part of your growth. Try and bring more laughter and creativity into whatever you do. Joyful giving and service to others will be prominent this year. Serve yourself, your family, your home, your friends, and your community with more love and devotion. Ask yourself what love means in your life. Learn to appreciate yourself so that you are not dependent on others for their appreciation and love. Convey your feelings positively and uplift others with your creative self-expression.Take care of your physical health this year as it might be an issue. If you take good care of yourself, everyone benefits.

    You have a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and responsibility this year. Big decisions are on the table, which will help to release you from limitations. If you don't step up to the plate, you'll be challenged big time to make changes. You will want to move at a measured pace, but life rushes you forward, so be ready to adapt. You may be faced with some job decisions this year or unexpected job changes. Since the theme of the year is family, love, service to others, and nurturing, you will find work success in those areas. Anything that helps others - food, beauty, education, ministry or medicine etc. - is profitable for you. A home business can be very effective this year. Financially you must be careful. Put money aside for unexpected changes This year favors cooperative relationships and family unity. Be willing to take others' advice. Although you may feel uneasy during the fast pace this year, stay aware and be ready to change.

    The year is your time for planning and seeking solutions to life issues. You will sense the genesis of a mood within your emotions to either fall in or out of love, to be close to someone and to have them appreciate you, to respect, care and work with you. It's as if you feel a need to adjust the inequities and imbalances in your life (to drop anchor or find some emotional security). This could even entail buying or renting a home, fixing up the house or buying some furniture, painting or remodeling. You will want to find security by giving, seeking and receiving love and attention. You might want to teach, counsel, comfort or advise others. You will pay bills, settle estates or establish trusts or savings accounts for the future. The heart turns domestic and seeks balance, harmony, serenity and beauty in its surroundings and involvements. It's the "feather the nest" instinct. There may be demands placed on you for funds... donations, contributions, doctor bills, school costs or child support. You may be called upon to comfort the sick and assist family members by providing support, emotional as well as financial, short term or long. You may have to be a peacemaker or adjuster of family differences... it could even be your own. Keep your head, don't be discontented this year. Help others (and yourself) wherever and whenever you can... do this and the year will be counted as one of the happiest and most successful so far. In 2011, you will have a magnetic presence and a great ability to attract abundance. However, the year can also attract major dramas as well so stay positive and loving and you will ride the big waves like a master surfer.

  • *** = visua*l - I'm not sure why it was censored.

  • Captain, thank you so much for taking the time out to do a reading for me. I really appreciate it. Many blessings to you, Aries22

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