Please help to interpret reading about a Company

  • Hi gals n guys, i really need help here. I just asked about the status of the company that i am currently working in. What I had drawn makes me really worried. >_<

    all upside down

    past: 6 pentacles

    present: queen of wand

    future: the tower

    I like my bosses, will be really sad if .....

  • In the past, the company has made a lot of losses which have really dented its future prospects.

    At present, the energies are still misdirected and the person in charge (may be a woman) doesn't really know what he/she is doing and has no idea how he/she can turn the business around.

    In the future, the crisis situation will continue and although the losses may be less than now, the company turning around or making profits anytime soon looks really remote and unlikely.

    I am sorry but it may be better to move out keeping the future in mind. Just my view.

  • thanks for your help...

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