Why would God create to condemn?

  • This is just the thing that I feel I am working on spiritually in my life. Thank you for the post!

    Now understand I am speaking from the particular church that i grew up in and the people that attended it, not the religion as a whole..... Growing up Southern Baptist, I very much disagreed with the way they poured judgment and criticized. I just have a hard time believing that our God has put me here as a slave to serve just him and chastise those who don't. Praise him, enjoy his gifts, acknowledge his wealth and be a positive guidance for others is my thought. Humanity wouldn't be as abundant as it is if we were not to learn to live with the differences and learn acceptance of that.

    I love hearing different opinions and take these into account. I ponder for long periods of time till I feel my heart has a true view. Can't wait to see what else is said!

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