Hi Captain, need some insight

  • Hi, I'd like a reading regarding if I should move to live in Europe to look for better business opportunities and to be closer to this person that I like. My DOB is 10/31/73

  • Has this person given you any indications that they return your interest? Have you had a relationship?

    I feel this is a common theme for you - that you are always thinking that if you move somewhere else, your life will be better, happier, and safer. Your search for an ideal geographical place to call home may lead you far from your birthplace, but you are so idealistic that you are bound to be crushed many times when the new life turns out to be far different to your hopes and dreams. You will at first embrace a new culture and traditions, a culture you think is perfect. It will lead to disillusionment if your idealize, mimic, or adopt a way of life that is not your own. The truth is you can never really escape the humdrum grind of mundane responsibilities to family and in life, no matter how far you travel.

    Your mind is active and curious and, once you find a balance between what you have to do and what you want to do, you will be master of your own fate. You will no longer feel dragged down by the rules that a cold unfeeling society has set up to squash the life and sensitivity out of you. You tend to live in extremes of ups and downs, nothing in between, but it is the middle ground you must seek so that you don't keep going from the highest highs to the lowest lows and back again. A life of extremes is a very stressful and unhealthy way to live, even if the highs seem so exciting at the time. The depths of depression just aren't worth it.

    You want to find that mystical paradise where bluebirds fly and people don't hassle you every five minutes for decisions. But there is no permanent escape from human contact and duty. Learn to cope with the life you have by facing your responsiblities head-on and always being truthful in your communications. The special environment you seek is not in another country but lies in establishing a better connection with the people in your life right now. When you speak the words you intuitively feel, any situation in which you find yourself will come into harmony. When you live and speak from your Highest truth and Self, companions who are not suitable will withdraw and new people who are more compatible will appear, so you have no need to physically move yourself. When you attract these more trustworthy friends who really understand you, you will no longer feel the need to get away to someplace else.

  • Hi Captain, thanks for the insight. Yes, this person has given me signs of interest. Distance being our major problem, we talk a few times a week as work and time differences allow.

    What you have me thinking is if my motive really is to get away from my responsibilities. Which I'm sort of pushing through to see if it really is that. However, I don't completely agree with that assessment since I feel that throughout all my life I felt that I have to be accountable for everything that I say and do, sometimes I have even felt responsible for what should be taken care of by others.

    The reason I was asking is because many of my Tarot readings come out with a recurring theme of travel, at least the interpretation I've been given. (Both for my career readings and love readings).

    Just as an example, I was looking for guidance last night and used a Horseshoe spread and this were the cards that turned out (for some I'm adding the direct interpretation that I was given, and for a few I'm giving you the part of the whole interpretation that resonated with the whole theme of the spread):

    1. Past Influence - Five of Cups - I interpret it as a cold time in my life, which given all that has happened up to this point, to me it is right on.

    2. The present - Ace of Wands - Perhaps a move interstate or overseas. Life is about to flourish and grow in more ways than you can imagine.

    3. Hopes and Fears - Nine of Wands - A time of waiting, of being patient while the crop ripens or the project matures.

    4. Obstacles - Eight of Swords - I interpret this one as that I may have to let go of relationships and friendships and this will prove to be an unburdening for me and allow me the freedom to pursue your own goals

    5. Other's attitudes - Five of Pentacles - You may be called upon to help someone in need and this may be financial help. Which I have a good idea of who this may be.

    6. Influence Around you - Six of Swords - This is a card of travel and usually means going over water, though can mean an ocean voyage specifically.

    7. Outcome - Ace of Pentacles - You will be surprised to learn that one of your greatest financial wishes is about to come true.

  • It's very hard to assess your own tarot card reading objectively. There are many great tarot card readers here who will do one for you for free if you ask.

    And I do feel you will travel, just that you won't find your answers in the outer world.

    May I ask if you have a good relationship with your mother?

  • Yes, I do have a good relationship with her. Haven't seen her much as of late, but yes. Why do you ask?

  • By the way, wanted to comment, that I do like getting to know other cultures, but my approach to it is that it works exactly like a new relationship. You have your honeymoon period then everything starts to sink in as it should.

    I would be lying if I told you I don't want the move or the change. I'm actually thirsting for it, but if I'm gonna do it, I don't want to do it in an irresponsible manner. The reasons why I want to do it is because I've been working at the same company for 14 years and I feel completely burnt with no opportunities for growth. Also, because I feel that there are people very close to me and whom I love very much that I feel are dragging me down and not letting me grow to my full potential. So somehow, I think that if I could get away for a while from them to let me do my own thing, I can come back with new energy to work and be there for them.

    Also, I had a reading a few months back, that was telling me that my road in life as far as career is heavily linked to overseas. Now, it came at a time when I was just setting up an import/export business with two other associates, so I thought I was going in the right direction. And obviously gave me the determination to move forward with our business plans.

    I was also told that I would meet my soulmate sometime in December, and the manner of how we would meet, and that looks like it happened too. This person lives in Europe and I live in the Caribbean. We both have expressed interest in each other and I will be visiting this person in May to see where all of this really leads.

    Afterwards, all of my readings suggest at one point or another that travel overseas is involved. Travelling is one thing, and moving to live somewhere else is another so that is why I asked the question I originally asked.

    But nonetheless, your insight is welcome since it helps me evaluate my motives. Which I think you bring very valid points.

  • I just felt there was some distance or issues between you and your mother.

    But I feel you do need to get away and travel becasue you would always wonder what you missed. And travel is such a viewpoint-expanding experience. But don't be surprised if it all turns out rather different to what you hoped. Stay flexible and ready for anything and don't move with rose-coloured glasses on. Make sure your plans are practical and concrete. I would also ask this friend of yours how they would feel about your coming over there before you actually do it.

  • I actually asked twice. Once when I started to plan the trip, and again a couple of days later some minutes before actually buying my ticket. Both times was very pleased to know that I was going.

    So that is why I feel good about going there right now.

    As for my Mom, I don't have issues with her, could you possibly be picking up on my grandmother? Because, my grandmother was an important figure while we were growing up, but sometime around my teens she cut all ties with all of my family, including my mother. Now, I won't get into that story because it's far too long. But right now, it is what it is.

  • Yes it could be your grandmother I am picking up - I feel remorse around her.

  • It really makes me sad to hear that she feels remorse, but it was the path she chose. If she were willing to put all past differences aside, I would welcome her back in my life with a clean slate.

  • Yes but she has a lot of pride too unfrotunately.

  • And again you're right! hehe

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