Maybe just the Venus in Pisces...

  • So my ex and I remained friends after we broke up two years ago.

    I'm not interested in having a relationship, I'm not interested in finding somebody! But because he "misses me" and writes me from boot camp, I end up thinking about him.

    It annoys me!

    I can't tell if there are real feelings going on or if I just haven't let a small something go yet, and the Venus in Pisces is messing with me...


    ~Angela (3/3/90)

  • My Venus is in Pisces and I can tell you that it does indeed blur the lines between friendship and romance! No boundaries in other words.

    Acknowledge your feelings, not to say that you should give in to them, but just stop "resisting" them. Be at peace with them. You'll likely always have feelings for your ex, that's just normal.

    It's wise not to act on them actually. If it is Venus in Pisces drawing out your feelings then everything will become clearer again on the 20th April. Probably sooner since it will have passed it's peak before then. Don't forget Mercury is or has turned retrograde as well. has a great article on Retrograde Mercury and romance here:

    You could also just pity the fool that has to put up with Venus in Pisces for the rest of his life 😉

  • Hahaha, I'm sorry PH!

    My Venus is actually in Capricorn, but I am a Pisces... My moon is in Gemini so that helps me QUITE a bit in regards to making wise decisions for myself, I think. I usually reason through my feelings so FEELING my feelings isn't very burdensom.

    I guess Venus in Pisces for the time being is okay as long as I don't act on impulses. Especially with Mercury Retrograde. I'm proud of myself for holding back on my spending. I'm usually very prone to impulse buying and I've been resisting most of my urges... Obviously, I'll need to purchase gas when my tank runs low... but hopefully I can squeeze a couple more days our of this one.

    Thanks for your response!


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