What is the easiest way to read tarot to people you don't know?

  • I'm getting very good at doing my own readings and people that are close to me but i was wondering how to read cards for people i know nothing about. It makes me nervous because i know they may be skeptical or have a hard time vibrating on their highest frequency to pull the cards accurately.. i just want to help people of all walks of life!

  • I think it's the same for all our relationships in life; it's a matter of building trust. Trust between you and the other person, trust between you and your oracle, and trust in yourself.

    We will make mistakes, we will get things wrong. Nothing wrong with that, it's how we learn and grow.

    Trust that anyone seeking you out for answers has already taken their first step in overcoming their scepticism. There's a Divine reason why that person crossed paths with you.

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