Shuabby, I REALLY desperately need a love life reading pls!!

  • Shuabby, I REALLY desperately need a love life reading pls!!

    I had 10 years of different very unhappy relationships with several men and feel just so hopeless after another recent break up. What in my love life in the future? When / how do I meet him? Do I already know him? How does he look? Any name idea?

    Do I every get married again? I just was reading your responses to others and soo impressed. Pls help if you can.. Born Apr 1st, 1982. (My b-day is coming up and your reading would be the best present!! I mean it .)

  • Hello Vico13

    You ask what is in my love life in the future? You have really tasted the forbibben fruit of love several times my dear only to be left in tears. Ten years is a long time for a lesson to be come clear that you are choosing men that do not meet your inner soul needs, Your mind, your will and your emotions. Spirit is clearly saying that you need to take a break from finding a love partner and find yourself first , and just how you need to be feeling at peace with who you are and not how a man makes you feel or defines you.

    You may want to consider spiritual counsling. I mean a deep inner look inside and peel the layers away to revel the real you so that you can attract the man you are distine to have in your life as a husband and lifetime mate. A Vision Quest may be good for you to do. Please gather information and than make your deceison.

    You are a impulsive person that jumps head first into love affairs that just simply ram you into a wall or dead end street. I do not feel any man coming in here for a while , only after you do some inner healing and focus work. This will lead you to a path that brings you the happiness you are looking for, not perfect by any means, as noting is perfect in this lifetime and if it were we would all be zombies walking around with not a thing to learn in the process of being here in earth school.

    I wish you a Happy Birthday and a Happy New Beginning


  • Hi Shuabby,

    I really appreciate your advise.

    First when I read your respond last night I felt extremely disappointed. Thoughts were spinning in my head.. How? Why? What’s the purpose of these men in my life? In which way they where wrong match to me? And etc, etc, etc.. The most strange thing that all the man I had feelings for are still actively present in my life and keep accumulating.

    Like my ex-b before I was married.. I thought I was in love – till now he is my very best friend and I love him so much but in friend way. My ex-husband – needles to say, I talk to him / see him almost every day due having a mutual child. When I broke up with my husband 2 years ago, I found myself a “friend with benefits”, we work together, and still occasionally meet up for this matter. Then last year I met a man that I thought would be the one – now he moved his career up high and bought the company that I work at. DUHHHH!!! Needles to say he is my boss now and I see and talk to him every day. The man that I got involved 6 month ago.. oh.. I feel more for him then ever for all these other man all together.. He’s married. Our 6 month affair was killing me and I left him last week, but something tells me that he will stay around in my life as much as other guys did. Again, we work in the same industry (thanks good in different companies), but we will bump into each other here and there.

    What’s wrong with all this picture!!!!! They are all part of my life one way or another.

    I do not know what and how should I change to stop this crazy pattern. I wish I knew…

    Thank you again Shuabby..

  • Hi Shaubby I was wondering if you could a reading for me but I started a thread for you to answer it since I don't want to disturb this conversation (sorry) but I would really like your help. 🙂 thank you so much

  • Vic013

    I knew that this answer (I'm the messanger only) would not be what you expected, but it is what I received to give to you.


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