The Importance of Jaguar's Medicine

  • Integrity and impeccability; that is Jaguar's medicine. And it is vitally important that we make it a part of our daily lives.

    To the ancient Mayans, great Jaguar spirit was the power totem of Skygod, the being that had come from the stars to lead the Maya to prosperity and spiritual enlightenment. The fate of the Maya is a warning to us all.

    When Skygod died, they distorted his Jaguar teachings of integrity, impeccability, and a compassionate heart by sacrificing human beings. Literally cutting out the heart of their "victims" in an attempt to regain the glory of their golden age. The Mayan priests realised the error of their ways all too late and never saw the signs that their day of reckoning was at hand.

    The Mayans however, also left us with an important prophecy, that of the current changes culminating on Dec 21st 2012. As that date approaches, Jaguar is growing restless. She is preparing to roam the spiritworld, going out on a great hunt to devour the dishonourable acts of humanity. Everything that has been built without any regard to integrity, impeccability, love, and a compassionate heart will be torn to shreds.

    The lesson to us all then, myself included, is to honour great Jaguar spirit. Infuse everything we do with integrity and impeccability and we will survive any upheaval the world and mankind will go through.

    Blessed be. And love and light to you all, my friends and soul family here on


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